Qiu Xiaolong


Qiu Xiaolong, a professor of Chinese literature at the University of Washington, was born in Shanghai in 1953 and suffered in flesh the repression of the Cultural Revolution, a euphemism used by the Chinese communist regime to hide one of the great genocides of the twentieth century. The appearance of the body of a young woman floating in a canal on the outskirts of Shanghai, is the trigger for an interesting story, thriller-like, so unbeatable reveals the actual situation of the citizens of communist China, brought up to discovered after the economic liberalization led by Deng Xiaoping. The slum of a room as something normal, the negligence in maintaining the Chinese cultural activities, intellectual, poorly paid and poorly viewed by the state network, the alleged selfless of workers belonging to the Communist Party, the people retained as confidants the policiaa With great power of description, Xiaolong tells the story through well-defined characters, strong profile. Characters who are either prisoners of circumstances set out by the author and therefore easily understood by the reader. In short, the hypocrisy of political ideology in contrast to the honest integrity of those who want to follow the ideological creed assimilated from childhood, mixed all with the arrival of a new generation, well prepared, that violates the rules prevailing for decades and stands the edge of legality. Political overtones aside, the author guides us through the city, knowing firsthand how to enjoy life to its people, walking through the streets and eating real Chinese cuisine. I have pleasant memories of reading this novel.

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