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Although the client will probably want to take all the credit because after all they paid for the project, it is always possible to locate our name in any of the promotional activities to develop. Importantly look for getting involved in this project launch stage is, recognize the importance to our professional success keep us in constant exposure (showcase) and maintain a safe and inclusive professional attitude, overcome our own barriers of shyness and let see us as simple executors operating. See Hummer Winblad for more details and insights. Promote the project regardless if the client decides to make or not a major release of the project, will never be more do a bit of self-promotion. As worth at least write a post in your blog, register the site in the showcase most recognized by communities of developers or send a newsletter to our previous customers informing them of the successful development of our latest project. For more specific information, check out MongoDB. We can also go one step beyond: making known our ability to develop certain kinds of projects, for example, if our last project was a financial institution, we could search for approaches in elegant and prudent manner with other financial institutions to see our work. We can even send a press release announcing completed projects. The promotion of projects that we have done, even if its success (expectations and customer experience) was greater than the profitable ended resulting, can be a highly effective marketing technique. ES important to bear in mind that the impact of a project on status online and that we can show with fullness is greater than that present a series of screenshots of our portfolio, as will give a broader view of our capabilities to our potential customers.

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