Romans Twenty


During the Dynasties that had governed in transcorrer of these long years, as much in Israel (kingdom of the north) as in Jud (kingdom of the south), only two kings – Ezequias (2 Rs 18,1-4) and Josias (2 Rs 22,1-5)? they had had full approval as faithful the God and its people. Samaria? it holds the meaning of ‘ ‘ tower of vigia’ ‘. It was a province between the Jew and the Galilia. The Jewish name wants to say: ‘ ‘ Land of the Jews. Palestine Occidental person was understood for three divisions. In the time of Jesus, the Jew more represented a small territorial band for the south of Palestine (88 km of length and approximately the same of width). This small territory fit the tribe of the children of Jud (Joshua, CAP.

15). Whereas the territory of the Galilia (Hebrew = Circuit) understood all the part of the north of the Palestine, that was distributed by the tribes of Issacar, Zebulom, Aser and Naftali. Normally it represented a territorial circuit, in which they inhabited many foreign peoples, understanding the 20 (twenty) cities that king Salomo gave to king Hiro (1 Rs 9.10-14; Is 9,1). 1 Rs 9,10, 11: occurred, to the end of twenty years, that Salomo builds the two houses, the House Mr. and the house of the king. (for what Hiro, king of Shot, bring the Salomo work with wood of cedar and faia and gold, second all its desire).

Then, it gave to king Salomo the Hiro twenty cities in the land of Galilia. The historical book of Acts tells to the history and the development of the Christianity in the world. Having initiated for the descending of the Espirito Santo it approximately enters 120 (one hundred and twenty) people. Times after, needed to have a Dispora, that is, a persecution generalized to the Christians so that, during the escape, they started to nail to the Evangelho or Good the News for the nations most distant. It has Biblical registers that apstolo Pablo nailed in Tessalnica (Acts 17,1), Atenas (At 17,15), Rome (At 27) and other regions or countries that understood Lesser Asia (province Roman whose capital it was feso, point of meeting between Asia and the Europe). The great mission of the apstolos contained in books of the New Will was to present Christ to all the peoples of the land. Becoming known it and testifying of its daily manifestations, mainly through its Word, proving that It was and still it is love, peace and mercy for they search that it with sincere repentance of its sins. However, the day will arrive where all will have that to appear before the Court of Christ, in this occasion It will act as Just the Judge, as text registered in the book of Romans 14,11, 12: ‘ ‘ Because it is written: For my life, you says, all knee will be folded ahead of me, and all language will confess the God. Thus each one of us will exactly give to account of itself the Deus’ ‘. Being thus, one expects that the heathen people of the current age (mpio, atheistic etc.) after to have the knowledge of God through its Word (the Evangelho), can receive it as Only Mr. Salvador of its lives, having as gift the privilege to inherit the perpetual salvation.

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