Valdai Apartment


" Many friends of Dmitry Medvedev, including Russians, earning more than $ 1 billion annually and that says a lot in this context … At Jimmy Carter you will find additional information. Much more clarity with the estate of the president, this documentation available for much longer. Dmitry Medvedev has one office in St. Petersburg, two in Moscow and disposes of the residence on the ruble, the castle in the suburbs and other objects Property of the highest class. Apartment in St. Petersburg – a seven-story four-room apartment in a Soviet-built house. One of the apartments in Moscow, Medvedev is located on the street Tikhvin at number 4.

Total area Apartment – 174 square meters. Neighbors am president there are current and former ministers, including Valery Zorkin, Leonid Reiman, Rashid Nurgaliyev and other prominent political figures. The second apartment in Moscow, Dmitry Medvedev located in the exclusive residential complex "Gold keys-1" on the street of Minsk. The total area of 364.5 sq. km. m. The apartment consists of four bedrooms, dining room, spacious living room and three toilets. In the apartment has multi-level ceilings with exclusive ceiling lights, living room – cast columns made of crystal, marble floor is coated.

In the public areas of the trim is made entirely from expensive finishing materials, and even ordinary overhead fluorescent lights in the ceiling space are made by special order for full compliance with the interior design, which was developed with a view of the high status tenants 'Golden Keys'. Sam is a residential complex of several buildings tower connected together. Within the complex there are some useful infrastructure, a sauna, beauty salon, fitness club, gym. There is also a winter garden under a glass roof and a full-fledged football ground in the yard. Complex and the surrounding areas are under-clock security, constantly working today video monitoring system, metal halide floodlights illuminate the area of the complex, all buildings are equipped with building automation and autonomous power supply. Monthly utility bills for the apartment about $ 5 thousand Agree promotion of web site in Russia will come a little bit cheaper … Medvedev neighbors here are bankers, politicians and himself Patriarch Alexy II. But Dmitry Medvedev is living in another place – in the residence Gorki-9 Ruble. Here, the president has a luxurious mansion, surrounded by pine trees, a tennis court, work area with an office for meetings and negotiations, as well as a helipad, a few helicopters, and more. By the way, Vladimir Putin lives just 10 minutes away from the object in the same residence, located in the Novo-Ogaryovo. Another interesting object in the possession of Medvedev, a lock Meiendorf, located in the suburbs. There president is vacationing with friends and happy holiday events, corporate parties and private events … Besides, Medvedev manages the residence of 'Bocharov Stream' in Sochi, 'Volga Bluff' next to Samara, posh residence in Yekaterinburg, the Karelian villa 'Shuiskaya Chupa' Valdai 'long beards' residence in Tver 'Zavidovo' Konstantinovsky Palace (near St. Petersburg) and, of course, can get in order any other real estate in Russia.

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