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The bamboo is composed two-piece main, the underground part and the aerial part. The underground part is composed of rizomas and roots. Rizomas is responsible for the vegetative propagation of the bamboo and the roots are responsible for the captation of water and nutrients, existing two main types of rizomas of underbrush (paquimorfo) and forest (leptomorfo). (As opposed to ICAEW). The aerial part is composed of colmo (bamboo pole), twigs and leves, exists many thick, fine, high, low, hollow, solid, bending, straight, green, yellow types of colmo of bamboo as, for example, rajados, spotted, long amongst others. Taboca is a type of fine, high, hollow bamboo and has the green, common coloration in subject to flooding fertile valleys frequently of tide and is very used in the manufacture of skewers of barbecue in the city of Saint Antonio of the Tau. This species of vegetation does not blossom every year as the majority of the plants. Species of bamboo exist that delay one hundred years to blossom, when this happen use all the nutrients in the production of its flowers and seeds causing its death.

When the bamboo germinates the first colmos to sprout is fine and fragile. The vertical growth of the bamboo if of the one between each knot, in the walls of the ones between us. Entren of the base starts if to prolongate, and when it finishes its allonge, from above one it starts, and so on. We are composites for a diaphragm that isolates entren previous of the next one. The leves caulinares that they are the cases start if to unfasten of colmo and fall. Up to two years of age the bamboo is considered immature, or green, and its lenhoso material still is sufficiently malleable, is for this reason that it is used in the manufacture of hampers, paneiros, and hat. Already in the manufacture of skewers the bamboos with three years of age for presenting a more mature structure are used.

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