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The professions if create as specializations of the collective work to take care of necessity, therefore, the Social Service appears in a context of administration of material lacks, being legitimated for the capital in the quality of main institucional requisitante. In the company the practical one of the Social Service does not escape to this generalization. In it, the spite of some singularidades, the Social Service also is assumed as an instrument of intervention in ' ' problems sociais' ' , understood as situations of lacks of the worker that intervene with the productivity of the work force. Thus assuming, the function specific technique in the interior of the companies? to mediate solutions of lacks and conflicts of the workers. For this reason, aspects politicians and technician, closely related, will be gifts in such a way in the set of the actions of the social assistant as in the elaboration of its theoretician-practical, emergent references of the proper one development of the practical professional in the company, whose destination is not non-political nor historical. This identity points, therefore, with respect to the existence of a social project, inside of which if it inscribes the solicitation of the profession, and demands that, ahead of the diverse phenomena that the company chooses as passveis of intervention.

In this optics, it can, then, to infer that the action of the social Service in the companies is polarized enters the objective convivncia with the conditions of life and work of the employee and the prerogatives of the entity. The justification of the insertion of the Social Service is argued by the professionals from the functions of the capitalist company and the significao of the social problems of the worker in the obstaculizao/facilitation of the production. This relation if presents, as of complementary nature, represented of the employer and the employees in function what each one needs to satisfy its necessities.

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