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James Dean


Here between us, I was same in the philosophy of one old composer of bahian rock, that said that the man had all the rights, also to be dressed in the way as it wanted and even to take hat bath. In the college and it was years 80, he saw colleagues to change also […]

The Carnival


the quarrel only increases. To this respect, Wilson (1992) if relates: When diverse types of fashion underline the sexuality, or when they are interested for sort inclinations, many amongst us we can feeling threatened in them or unsafe. For the woman, especially, the standards exaggerated or frequent arbitrary of beauty can to lower it and […]

Economic Development


Sustainable Development X Economic Development. Today it is said very in a new form of economic development, called sustainable development or auto-supported development, that is gotten when all the natural resources are preserved, that is, a not-predatory development. This development alone is possible when it is based first on knowing, identifying the basic necessities of […]

Valria Valenssa


To the measure that the man was taking conscience of itself and perceiving that he could manipulate the nature and the other men, and with the bad use of this power, it had the necessity of one I take refuge against the cold reality, since paintings in the msticos caves, drawings where the impossible one […]

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