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Social Assistant: As To Elaborate A Social Project


Social assistant: How to elaborate a social project? It is important to point out that all professional of the social area, he must understand what it is a social project and why it exists. The social assistant works with mazelas of the society, that can be the poverty, infantile exploration, violence against the woman, discrimination, […]

Statute Article


Art. 1.635. The familiar power is extinguished: I – for the death of the parents or the son; II – for the emancipation, in the terms of art. 5, only paragraph; III – for the majority; IV – for the adoption; V – for sentence, in the form of article 1.638. Source: MongoDB. Art. 1.638. […]

Social Services


Psychological accompaniment, group of job generation and income, pro young, group of geracionais convivncia and sociability, CRAS, itinerante, project fortifying family, are local social groups that consist of the establishment of contact, alliances, flows of information of action of reinforcement of the social groups of the community, in order to interchange experience and the social […]

Brazilian Communities


In view of such concept, the professionals of Social Service still act with a certain distanciamento of social Reals mazelas the one that the indians are acometidos, since the intervention if only makes in the quality of representatives of the FUNAI, from purely assistencialistas interventions. Such actions produce little interference in the process of emancipation […]

Valria Valenssa


To the measure that the man was taking conscience of itself and perceiving that he could manipulate the nature and the other men, and with the bad use of this power, it had the necessity of one I take refuge against the cold reality, since paintings in the msticos caves, drawings where the impossible one […]

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