Star Wars


It is the song of my life. After the Star ‘ is become one of the biggest hits of all time, I did have to tell again and again: How did it come to this song? You got a star who? What was the situation?” Nik P has the secret, he has dedicated the song who, never aired. “But the story, such as it to the Star” came, he tells now. His first single from the album you know the man in the Moon”, writes to the frame story to the Star”. Kinda reminds of Star Wars at the height of success, someone opens the door to the past and gives the world at the beginning. For those interested in music apparently is the man in the Moon”a brilliant piece of the Fund.

And it is a damn good single, that hope can be huge airplay success. A lot is at all commercial for the album remember. The songs go without large detours in the ear, spirited away, and will whet your appetite for the summer. “Goodbye my love” is because right from the carefree holiday love, which only takes her end at the airport. It was the first time”a whole step continues to soften and describes the literal first time night, the” happened, so a “Looking back at the time of the young illusions, the like in the title from the eyes” tells can lose sometimes quickly. However, proves I’ve dreamed of doing you”that certain erotic fantasies keep coming back. “” And if more it is, arises a song like that with you “, where, as Nik P., actually everything is, what you can do with a woman to love confessions.” Since he was 19, Nik P. writes songs. At his side, he has now found the right people: Matthias Roska from Berlin arranged and produced the songs, along with Nik Mastermind Klaus Bartel must responsible for the larger contexts”.

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