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Quite different from those professional copywriter, which were joined together in the Association. You would tackle firmly and professionally to the challenge called direct marketing in the acquisition. And produce according to impressive sales figures. Professional copywriter, says the network see themselves not as creative. On the contrary: we professional writers are sales promotion interested […]

Advertising Agency Berlin


The advertising agency of Berlin invests in latest 3D film technology the image film Department of the advertising agency Berlin expanded the equipment stock 3D camcorder including latest 3D editing software and offers corporate films, commercials and product videos now also in HD 3D. The Agency produces corporate videos, product videos and commercials since its […]

Federal Blog


“, which was designed by the Agency Plan.Net and also mid-October for the first time online’s (www.sportupyourlife.com). Here, athletes like the top triathlete Dan Hugo or professional climber Majka Burhardt write about their passion, give fascinating insights into everyday competition including many interesting tips, tricks, and background information. But even recreational athletes as well as […]

Public Relations Agency


“Corporate communications for Econ award in the category Public Relations nominated decided the jury members of the ECON Publishing House and the Handelsblatt sustainability campaign and the shortlist of the ECON Awards corporate communications 2011 is clear: ad publica is the sustainability campaign developed for the clients of Knorr good taste is our nature” in […]

Grand Prize


Task for the youngsters of the advertisement was to develop newspaper ads aimed at school leavers and those starting in Germany. The jury could determine the three Grand Prize winners and their outstanding works from around 230 entries in this competition. GOLD receives Dennis gall, currently studying design at the Fachhochschule Aachen, and complete his […]

According To The Motto: The Eye Drinks With


Hardly anyone is still without a cup of coffee. Whether at home or in the Office, coffee is the most popular drink of the Germans has been proven, because every year we drink several litres of this aromatic beverage. While it should be of course possible high-quality, tasty coffee, which is drunk from high-quality coffee […]

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