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He has made possible the prediction of the future by running stars, he has created the architecture and perspective, he has created a divine art. He – the window of the human body, through which the soul contemplates the beauty of the world. " Leonardo, what would he neither wrote, can be precise and concise […]

International Public Committee


I could not accept the idea that talking to the same age … XX century. In fact, that recently celebrated its Baron 90-year anniversary, it was impossible to believe – so flawless was his appearance. In its "incomplete hundred" he is young soul, retains an enviable clarity of mind, witty, energetic, friendly. It was a […]

Andy Warhol


This could begin with the standard phrases such as "Andy Warhol – one of the most famous and controversial figures in the art of the second half of the twentieth century", but it seems to me to Warhol standard phrases in general inapplicable, as the statement that he was a figure of contradictions. On the […]

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