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Freedom City


Take your time, here every detail is important. Drained his glass and put it on Geron table, leaned back and closed his eyes. He tried to remember yesterday. Holiday "resurrection of the saints" mentioned more than two hundred years, but the carnivals are more recent. And at first it was simply a church move. Hear […]

Dynamic Cinema World


Dynamic world of cinema. He certainly can not be static. News appears regularly, create new projects, there are many movie stars. To see every change is not easy. Buy all the films that created – a task complicated, and do not necessarily. Much more profitable to download movies for free on the Internet. There you […]

Making Money


You can Make money with ebooks of diverse ways. They are an incredible vehicle for the creation of income liabilities. In this posts I am going to show 3 profitable forms to them to create residual income with ebooks. You can create his own ebook and to sell it, like also can resell ebooks that […]

Russian Avant


It seems Now he will become a museum. This is largely, if not all, merit Gordeeva, who acted as a savior of Soviet architecture. 'I've already spent $ 4 million on the house Melnikov – Gordeev said. – I really want to preserve it properly, but the government has no money for it. I like […]

Artistic Style


Classicism (from Lat. Classicus – model) – the artistic style of European art XVII-XIX centuries. One of the main features of which was an appeal to the ancient art as the supreme model and reliance on the traditions of the . Art reflected the ideas of classical harmonic structure of society, but in many ways […]

Knights TemplarStart


'Templars' ('Templars', from Lat. 'Templum' – 'church') – Templarii sive fratres militiae templi – Knights, established in 1118 by Hugo de Peynsom during the Crusades. His goal was proclaimed – the protection of pilgrims to the Holy places of the following. It is believed that At first his pious knights of nine on the basis […]

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