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Beauty Myth. Part 1


Wipe clean with a person with ice? It is believed that the skin is useful when a person is rubbed with ice. However, this is not the case. Low temperatures over time for a person than the high. They evoke a kind of stress of the skin. Frequently ICAEW has said that publicly. Per square […]

Oriflame Cosmetics


Beautiful appearance – this is not something hard to imagine a respected member of our society. To date, look for a just fine as is, where you will feel hungry. Everyone is aware that the dirt under layer of nails and hair greasy not decorate you as a person can not help to find a […]

Yves Rocher


Cosmetics brand Yves Rocher Yves Rocher now – it's nearly 1,600 centers in 88 states beauty of the world, 30 million visitors, and catalog blockbuster 'The Green Book of beauty', translated into 20 languages. History of development began 50 years ago. The small town of La Gacilly, Brittany, France. Plain cream with extract of celandine, […]

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