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Cosmetics brand Yves Rocher Yves Rocher now – it's nearly 1,600 centers in 88 states beauty of the world, 30 million visitors, and catalog blockbuster 'The Green Book of beauty', translated into 20 languages. History of development began 50 years ago. The small town of La Gacilly, Brittany, France. Plain cream with extract of celandine, created in the attic of the family home – so begins a young Frenchman Yves Rocher own way, cast the worship of female beauty. Must tell you that being mayor of La Gacilly, Yves Rocher is very concerned about the issue of outflow from the big cities, it's going to start manufacturing of cosmetics, created in the natural plant elements.

Since 1959, he sells goods by mail, after 6 years beyond the first 'Green Book Beauty Yves Rocher – directory of cosmetics, at the present time there were at least 500 products, as well as recommendations for women to preserve the beauty and health. Annually directory is added over 100 new cosmetic items. The first specialty store cosmetics Yves Rocher Yves Rocher opened in Paris in 1969. Develop a network of Centres of Beauty begins with 1973. Shopping Centers and Yves Rocher beauty have the same design, the design of buildings and products is dominated by green, once again stressing the natural composition of cosmetics. The idea of such centers has been so successful that they soon flocked to borders of France, Yves Rocher phrase: "Nature – the source of beauty 'has become the main principle of the endless years. In the fitted state of the art laboratory scientists work.

Their task – to take the best from the very center plants and used to preserve the beauty woman. Yves Rocher – a company that pays more attention to ecology. Her motto is – to create beauty and happiness, realizing obligations to nature. Already in 1989, the company does not experience products on animals, and use other methods. The company Yves Rocher cosmetics manufacturers from first won the triple certified "Quality, Sustainability, Security '. In 1991, the fund Yves Rocher, which is a major work active support measures to protect the environment. Due to these features and weighted distribution strategy Cosmetics Yves Rocher has won a lot of admirers around the globe. Followed by France comprehended markets in North America, Western and Eastern Europe, North America. Conquer the Russian consumer brand Yves Rocher Yves Rocher began only in 1991. At present, the network includes in its membership 150 stores and approximately 30 centers in 70 major Beauty Russian cities. Finding stores' Yves Rocher "- cases with easy access, all types of stock and gifts to customers. And cosmetics can get the catalog and online boutique. C 2002 in the Russian Federation is implemented post delivery of cosmetics.

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