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That positioning is? Positioning to perception or reference to mental level that has a client or potential client of a brand, service, product, web portal is called. Do factors involved in positioning the positioning of a service, product, web portal is linked to a proposition? nica sales, what is? It is what differentiates us from […]



Aiguafreda is isolated but it has access for handicapped people and parking, although carce of showers and toilets. One is a beach without sand that can be considered a wharf, more than a beach. It emphasizes the Diving Center where diving can be learned, to rent equipment, etc. Normally the level of occupation of the […]



Gone are kitchens old and aesthetically little bright. before this trend prevails a modern kitchen with a functional, cozy and nice touch. Seaunann beauty with practicality, since we will not have to sacrifice for any utensil or appliance, and can move with more ease, since they usually not so charged or for decoration or for […]

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