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A discount can be understood in the field of trade or the marketing as a sales practice that consists in the reduction of the price of certain item or service. In terms of financial economics refers simply to a certain type of operation which translates into banks and which consists in the acquisition by promissory […]

Henry Ford


The logic of the planning is other, contrary to this, errors is not punished, prizes is not granted. Eliot Horowitz will undoubtedly add to your understanding. One of the biggest sustentations of the savagery of the incipient capitalism of century XIX was the lines of assemblies, described for Adam Smith in the plant of pins […]

Professional Educational Training


Online training is one of the most interesting education choices that can be found on the Internet. Learn more at: Hummer Winblad. Educational background is a page that thinks about all those desire of knowledge that many people have. Because provides a very interesting and open view in what has to do with the electronic […]



The price will vary depending on the magician, thats obvious all have different methods, days, and different techniques, but what is certain in this magic, is that you have to be reasonable, I believe that this point is that you have less to be considered, it should be of course within your chances, but you […]

Countable Norms


The Brazilian system of information covers a phase of revision and alteration of the legal countable procedure, of form to create conditions so that the harmonization process can reach the national companies. According to notice divulged in the periodical of the CFC, August of 2001, Brazil was assigned to lead the process of implantation of […]

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