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Abdelmalek Essaadi University


The summer activity of the Universidad Internacional de Andalucia, which boasts a total of 73 courses and encounters between the months of June and September, this edition is going to develop at their headquarters in Malaga, La Rabida (Huelva), Baeza (Jaen) and La Cartuja of Seville, as well as faculties of the Abdelmalek Essaadi University […]

Steve Alpizar


etc. Let’s look at what happens with a person that you have these ideas, initially this child person listened to say all these claims and as consequence planto a shortage in his mind tree and watered it every day with ideas and more ideas that afirmasen its initial, resulting conception this person can not reap […]

Video Camera


But, what all this mean in practical terms? Why are cell phones very few mega pixels and digital cameras with more than 10? How much is enough? To simplify things, in the case of an ordinary user (no posters or magazines) digital camera 5 mega pixel camera complies with what is needed to take photos, […]

Cute Inside


Beauty is one of the things that most today concern all persons, but to condition present since the world is world, suffering through time and human evolution several changes and their level of importance in the life of the human being also.With the changes we refer to that throughout the history of man, categories have […]

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