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Phrases Of Leadership


For a leader who has studied leadership books, a bad performance is less harmful than a mediocre performance disguised as a good performance. Most of the leaders are struggling to get the wrong results, or correct in wrong ways. The worst forms of leadership involves rewards and punishments. Getting along does not necessarily imply obtaining […]

10 Frugal Fun And Beauty Tips


Beauty is the first and main essence of life from around the world. Many people opt for various treatments of beauty to the ves hermosa. Credit: Lars Leckie-2011. However, it is not difficult to achieve beauty. Normally expensive beauty care to suggest beauty treatments and beauty products in order to maximize their sales. They are […]

Healthy Body


Who don’t like, fast food, that chicken to grilled, hills of rice dish. There are many varieties of dishes in Peruvian cuisine, but must take into account that it should not be exceeded because it is bad for health. It is worth taking into account food from other countries and they will know that I […]

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