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Therefore, the topic “Pool coverage” not only at an outdoor pool is important, but also in terms of the dehumidification in a swimming pool. Only when a swimming pool cover is properly planned, the heating of the pool can plan to be addressed. Finally, it makes no sense to feed energy to heat the pool water if they can escape over the water surface immediately afterwards. During the heating of private swimming pools in the outdoor area, there are three different variants, which einzelnd or in combination leads to a very good result while at the same time manageable costs. On one, a solar disc can be selected at the swimming pool cover instead of the usual opaque lamellae. This is black from the bottom and top transparent, the solar power is drawn to. Because the blades directly on the water are the won energy can be directly added to the water.

Thus, you can win with an outdoor swimming pool with a pool cover to still Additionally solar in addition to preventing loss of heat energy. The Additionally resulting costs for the solar version of the slats are manageable. Another variation of pool heating is feasible with a purchase of a solar absorber system. This solar mats are on as the House or garage roof installed, which then the pool water flows directly and is heated by the Sun. The effect compared to the solar fins is much higher, however the additional acquisition and installation costs must be taken into account here. The third variation is an air-water heat pump, where the energy from the surrounding air is drawn and is fed into the pool water through a heat exchanger. This is the by far most effective option to heat a pool, because no dependency to the sunlight. No matter how the weather is, from approximately 15 degrees Aussentemeperatur each pool for correct dimensioning of the heat pump on for example 28 degrees can be heating water temperature.

The ongoing costs, moving in a manageable range are disadvantage of this variant. Only way to operate a private pool in the garden at a reasonable cost and benefit ratio. Finally every pool owner wants this in the usual bathing season from April to October also really take advantage of. Jamm recognizes the significance of this. Who also has a private sauna or Jacuzzi, can use the swimming pool then outside the bathing season under circumstances as a plunge pool. With a private OASIS, it creates a completely different lifestyle, that occupies a very high priority. Once experienced, you won’t want to miss this. Daniel wood foot

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