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If you see that your baby not sleeping well at night, increase rather than decrease their NAP time. Many parents assume, incorrectly, that if their children don’t sleep well at night is that you sleep too much during the day. Most often the opposite is true. Too tired babies have many problems to fall asleep and stay asleep, so make sure that your child has a good shut-eye. After eighteen months, many children refuse to go to bed, not because they have no dream but because they try to exert some control over their lives. This is perfectly natural and there are ways to get your child into bed without discussing. Since you can’t give in and let your son that the TV is facing late, offer some control giving you choices about bedtime routines.

Ask siprefiere brushing your teeth before or after you put pajamas. Let him choose the tale of night. Given any opportunity to make some choices for himself and it will be much less likely to want to discuss with you about the fact of going to sleep. For children of all ages, it is important to provide an environment that would lead to a good sleep. Dress your child with lightweight clothing and keep the slightly cool room. The parents often, put too much clothing children which makes not only that children are uncomfortable but it increases the risks of death sudden infant.Premature babies, costs often more asleep than children who were born at term. Let them in one to two months longer than the children of their age group. To see the article in its original context the author’s web page: original gifts original author and source of the article

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