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Loneliness hurts the soul in the bones, skin, and have to go through that, but I say friend, that you have to sprout like the Phoenix from the ashes and reborn again. Reinvent yourself open your pores, all your anxieties, all your hopes, opening the door and not close it. Perhaps today does not tell you anything new, you know me, pass tears, loneliness, but I always turned of sonrisita any of my children, of any new florcita in my garden, paint up tired, wipe it clean when I was sad to sweep the penalty. But each day went out to front, cheerful music, singing to ward off penalties as the saying goes. Smile at the world when not looked at me, until a few sweet eyes, tender look, I wrapped.

Today I am not, we are two in one. Friend, is that these sad, is that it hurts, but I know very well that you have the strength, the love within you, waiting. Leave the door open, everything revolves, life still has a lot in store for you, maybe more than what now moonlit, let it arrive, then get it to grow. Friend of mine, I would like to tell you that tomorrow everything will already be different, but I can not lie. But if you let me tell you that everything happened. Many books gave me to read when they believed that he needed them, but I not forward left by them, I came out ahead because he lulled me into me, my desire to respect this life that you gave me to be happy and should honor. My friend, in my writings deal give you momentum, so you boot. Soon a new being that you were not expecting enters your life, I’m sure that many paradigms change.

When charging that grandchildren or nietecita in your arms. With such warmth and smell to baby, and the nostril or mouth similar to you. Life lives us giving away good things, as you’ve been saying friend, leave your door open, that your home will soon be filled with roses. Original author and source of the article.

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