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The Customer at Artieda 2011

The Customer


The other 96 percent quietly go away. Of this 96 percent, 68 percent never reveal their dissatisfaction because they perceive an attitude of indifference in the owner, manager or employee. Waller said that this data is particularly dangerous for businesses because if a dissatisfied customer can not express their complaints to a business, will express through other outlets, such as friends, neighbors and family. A typical dissatisfied customer will tell eight to ten people about their problem. One in five will tell 20. "It takes 12 positive service incidents to compensate for a negative incident," Waller said. "Seven out of ten complaining customers to do business with you if you resolve the complaint on their behalf. If you resolve in the act, 95 percent will do business with you again." Waller said these statistics speak of the importance of taking action.

Often an employee perceives dissatisfaction in a customer, but chooses to ignore and hoped that the problem will disappear. However, if the customer then goes to the problem, the customer may never return to the company. This trend is what hurts companies more than anything. "We do not have the ability to keep people who are already happy with our product," Waller said. "The average business spends six times more to attract new customers than it does to keep the old. However, the Customer loyalty in most cases worth 10 times the price of a single purchase. "The first step is recognizing tendencies toward bad customer service. But how can companies improve their overall customer service Waller offered some basic tips: Like what you do "If you love what you do, get the heck out," Waller said.

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