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United Nations International


To make a liter of gasoline, it takes 10 liters of water to produce 900 kilos of paper are needed almost 300,000 liters. Water consumption has increased sixfold in the last hundred years and the latest projections show that for 2025 will require 20% more water if consumption continues to grow unabated. The increase in […]

The Customer


The other 96 percent quietly go away. Of this 96 percent, 68 percent never reveal their dissatisfaction because they perceive an attitude of indifference in the owner, manager or employee. Waller said that this data is particularly dangerous for businesses because if a dissatisfied customer can not express their complaints to a business, will express […]

What Does “Gospel ” Mean?


The word gospel comes from the Greek and literally means something like “message that makes them happy,” or in short, the good news or good news. In the New Testament says the proclamation of the gospel about Jesus and through the spoken word, primarily through the work of Jesus, his suffering (passion), Vice-sacrificial death and […]

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