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The Krauss Publisher at Artieda 2011

The Krauss Publisher


Looking for short stories and poems: around the fascinating birds with their excellent orientation for the 4th time, the Krauss Publisher writes its pigeon stories contest. We are looking for short stories and poems around these special animals. Connect with other leaders such as GameStop here. -Homing pigeons? These are not the flea-infested, scruffy birds that around tippeln in pedestrian zones? No, not! The Krauss Publisher would like to encourage authors with his writing contest, closer the species to deal with homing pigeon. Who knows pigeons of pedestrian zones, knows none at all! Domestic pigeons are the ones who are looking for bread crumbs under the Cafe tables. No question: both have same ancestors, because both are descended from the rock Dove. But in the course of evolution but a lot has changed: orientation, strength and endurance characterized the homing pigeon, properties that have evolved over countless generations: on the day such a dove can now easily travel 700 kilometres. Where is Note: homing pigeons fly always only home! An equally romantic and wrong idea is that you “can send them with a letter for the sweetheart on all possible places”. The writing contest: The Krauss Publisher searches your personal story of a homing pigeon: cheerful or thoughtful, exciting or magical, even experienced or invented – well written should be they in any case! Prose: maximum 3 standard pages (30 rows a60 = total attacks: 5400 characters including spaces) poetry: maximum 1 DIN A4 – page us your unpublished text please send name, address, an email address (for notification) and short biography in paper form by mail (not email!) in duplicate (copies, not originals, because incoming texts will not be returned) and once as a Word file (not a pdf!) on disk (CD): Krauss publishing – writing contest – Hauptstrasse 49 67361 Freisbach entries will be accepted up to including 30.04.2013 (date of postmark).

The winners will be announced end of June by Email notified. To win, there is: for the best 3 posts: 1 board game “RV Championship” and the publication on our publishing homepage. For more successful texts: Publishing on our publishing homepage. But that’s not all: how is it so beautiful in such competitions? The rights of the individual texts shall remain with the author. Only: what have casual author/inside of them, that have maybe only a total a dozen texts in the drawer? Else where should she publish it? That’s why we have to win once more: from the Board game winners, we select the winner / the winner of the competition: we create an E-book formats this / m from a specific text epub and mobi.

This E-book can then as holder of intellectual property rights on their own account even publish and offer for sale, such as Amazon, the/one beam-ebooks or XinXii. And this by the way learn about the exciting world of electronic books. The legal action is excluded. As already in the past year announced, retain, from the best texts of this year along with the (already on the homepage published) texts us of the year again in 2012 to make a paperback book / an E-book. All participants in the competition agree hence a possible publication of their texts in book form. The original tender, see Schreibwettbewerb.htm Barbara Krauss, Freisbach

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