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Closed – an online store mini-notebooks, formed in November of 2009 and for maximum facilitate the selection of the most demanded today the category of laptops. Given the fact that most laptops up to 13 inches are called netbooks, safely be called a netbook and a magazine. It are models of popular brands – including the father of the family netbook – Asus EEE and their offspring PC.Mini laptops without megabytes. The thing is that you can choose their freedom, individuality and vibrancy focusing not on lots of megabytes, and microamps GHz, and the same – the color, size, presence of every ryushechek. A whole bunch of parameters, we made a couple of easy movements for you to STARS. Available in 3 star parameters: the power of a laptop – the stars will tell you how fast your horse, how much she can do at the same time, disk space – the number of these stars is directly dependent on the number of videos and photos, which you can be stored on a mini-laptop, graphics – there stars will tell you how powerful a laptop video system, ie what games you can play on it. Perhaps the least important of the three options available today.

As a result, any person, sparing his time and does not want to spend half a lifetime to study computer science, regardless of gender or religion can easily buy a modern netbook, spending a smaller effort than to shopping in clothing store. Yes, pick up a mini-laptop will be as easy as a woman, well versed in skirts and men who have nothing to do shopping. Moreover, it was bought, and not just pick up – prices in the online store attractive, and probably soon will offer a comparable price with the average skirt. However, today many of the netbooks will cost you only 3-4 mini-skirt – there is something to ponder! Notebook: Skirt – 1: 0! It is obvious that comparison with mini-laptop mini-skirt can not stand! In addition, it has all its advantages, it has practically no flaws – in particular, the owner of a mini-laptop is anything but frivolous, not to mention is that a small notebook certainly will not constrain your movements and in this respect superior to their larger counterparts. Mini-laptop will complement your image, your style will be a continuation and will be on hand at all times. In fact, this justifies the fact that the laptop can not find with a diagonal greater than 13 inches. Since, meaning they are less and less – not even an avid gamer, you want a huge screen, and he recognizes that even a netbook can be connected to an external monitor or a large TV. It is true that the capacity of the notebook and graphics have not yet allowed to play modern games, but many mini-notebooks are 12-13 inches, in principle, have to cope with Many of the toys and, if required, will show a game or movie on your favorite great TV.

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