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DELL PowerEdge


IBM offers: The form factor Tower: IBM System x3400, IBM System x3500. In the form factor Rack Mount: IBM System x3455, IBM System x3550, IBM System x3650, IBM System x3655. The company offers DELL: The form factor Tower: DELL PowerEdge 1900, Dell PowerEdge 2900. In form factor Rack Mount: Dell PowerEdge 1950, DELL PowerEdge 2950, […]

Reservation Sales


– Register and storage contract with customers. – Consideration of various types of discounts and surcharges. – Maintenance Price – list for services. – Accounting services rendered. Read more here: Sequoia Capital. * Control: – Track assignments employees. – Identification of deviations from planned schedules. * Analysis: The analysis of the services provided by client […]

Date Storage


The term of the autonomous data storage on USB flash drive is usually limited to five years, which, however, is quite suitable for most users. However, the most modern type of external drives, hard drives should be recognized based on the so-called solid-state technology. Such a semiconductor external storage consists only of the memory chips […]

The Notebook


Minki.ru – an online store mini-notebooks, formed in November of 2009 and for maximum facilitate the selection of the most demanded today the category of laptops. Given the fact that most laptops up to 13 inches are called netbooks, Minki.ru safely be called a netbook and a magazine. It are models of popular brands – […]

How To Achieve Victory In Any Online Game


In reality, to fully unwind from the busy day or as well, and filled with pleasant feelings, not in principle have somewhere to go or look for how to get coin. Actually it takes only PC or laptop, and of course the connection to the Internet World Wide Web. With a presence in general, all […]



It is expensive for low-cost laptop could amount to almost half value? If the minimum PC configuration is, for example, 30 000 rubles., Max it can be more than 40 000. But the laptop has not changed. He remains in the budget model, with all ensuing consequences. For example, the system bus frequency and the […]

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