The Strength


I give you a powerful weapon that is love, only love, sending love to the adversary is anger will not support your power since yours is fear, and your higher vibration cleared the way. But first you have to suffer and you’ll see lost many things, elections will sometimes be hard since the matter, but the end is big, your greatness because struggle by each and every one of those that ye call congeners. They support you in your way, in your fight, you are many elected and many more will join you to help you and emerge victorious. Sometimes you have to know how to lose to leave victorious. Light will be reborn, more forcefully, with higher brightness, illuminate your heart and will shine the way so now never miss. Light will fill your souls and your hearts of fullness. Come out to proclaim the new time, head on over and sonad, do they dream with a new tomorrow because of this dreams made the universe.

The angels are waiting for the moment to help you and be at your side in the most opportune and that will be. Their wings be deployed next to yours and the light show, vibrates the entire planet with GAIA, that will stop crying to melt with you and make the reconnection is born and you live in peace and will sprout hope with more force. Born flowers, animals and a new human being who will see with the heart: exit to touch and feel again like it was always and never had to secede but it was your decision and it is time to change it. Lifting of the waves, which are lifted the birds in the sky, again walking the animals, the sun shine and that the sky is blue again Prairies look life again that the sea never shout of joy their children weep no more humans will be reborn to know more and reconnect over the strength of GAIA are one and one you will be learn the lesson and you salvareis. .

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