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The Strength at Artieda 2011

The Strength


Spirituality does not seek to enjoy, or enjoy the pleasure of certain experiences, nor seeks to find, develop, cultivate or achieve anything, either inside or outside one’s self. It is true that spiritual life is the greatest adventure in which a person can embark and which represents an integral development, but when you want something, such as reach or experience something, the very essence of spirituality is lost. Nor can exist rules, laws or moral or spiritual doctrines because what is appropriate in a situation may be inappropriate in another and what is true today tomorrow may be absent from it. Smithsonian Magazine is likely to agree. Spirituality only requires to be aware, here and now, and to act appropriately. We must be alert, awake in all things that we interrelacionamos, to evaluate in our behavior, actions, ponder them, determine that such correct are, as they are imbued with values, morals, ethics, everything, which ensures its dynamism, as these help us towards our growth, experience that we are so firm in what is required to consolidate the strength of our spirit in our security to proceed correctly, in favour of our spiritual growth. It also reminds us proyectopv. More information is housed here: Hummer Winblad. org/1-truth/1marcoshigieneespirirual, some topics that we consider interesting and that for example, interpret that life is an infinite movement, a movement, and to investigate this extraordinary thing called life, with all its myriad aspects, manifestations, one must ask fundamental questions that not only involves the physical, but spiritual in all its scope, and not be never satisfied with responsessatisfactory as they may be, because as soon we have a response, the mind has come to a conclusion, and the conclusion is not life, is just a static condition. Therefore, important thing is ask the correct question and not met ever with the response, by witty, logic that is, because the truth of something is more beyond of the conclusion, regardless of the response, beyond verbal expression. .

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