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What Is An Ambient Air-independent Stove? at Artieda 2011

What Is An Ambient Air-independent Stove?


Also in modern low-energy houses with ventilation needs are indispensable on the cozy heaters. The prices for fossil fuels rise each year to new heights. Actually is not surprising, it is about limited resources, which eventually go to the tilt. When this time is reached, discussions among experts, but will be clear is: the shortage of supply drives the price up. To avoid the dilemma more and more indoors set to newer alternative heating sources such as geothermal systems and heat pumps. To broaden your perception, visit Hummer Winblad.

But also the heating with wood is becoming increasingly popular. The fast-growing fuel not only ensures a pleasant warmth, but brings a pleasant atmosphere in the living room with his flames in a fireplace oven. The fire place is meeting place for family and friends finally for millennia. The heat risks but also with wood. Increasingly new buildings are equipped with an almost impermeable to air building envelope heat loss to avoid.

Airing in such low-energy houses is then usually an automatic ventilation system. This sucks air out (damp) rooms and blows up somewhere else again, to prevent mold growth. The desired airflow in extreme cases can cause toxic gases like carbon monoxide from the combustion chamber of the heater to be pulled. A very similar effect threatens with hoods, the the drawn out really air to blow out. When installing a wood-burning stove the hazard must be switched off, for example by the fact that it uses an ambient air-independent stove. An ambient air-independent stove characterised that draining the oxygen out of the room not he gets an extra channel of draught or two drafty flue pipe from the outside. The advantage of the external air supply is that the door of the stove can be realized absolutely tight so that no gases escape to the outside. That the door is really always closed, is a mechanism similar to the ensured in front doors. In the sum result in structural changes to do so now that the stove interacts with his environment by radiant heat and heating of the surrounding air. An exchange of air between the room and the stove does not take place. Whether an ambient air-independent stove must be used, is to clarify in each case with the chimney sweep. He knows the problems and must take off anyway before using the heater. An ambient air-independent stove is slightly more expensive than conventional models. At the time of purchase, care should be taken that the furnace has been granted an approval for the planned ambient air-independent operation. Is given, nothing in the way is the cosy evening fire in low-energy houses.

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