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Written Web


The deep discovery of this concrete objective, will reveal EVERYTHING to him what you need to begin a specific plan of development of a commercial emprendimiento in Internet. Many people know that they must have a Web site, because they know the importance of using the more powerful tool of marketing of the world, that is Internet. But really those are very few that are asked what is its specific objective; what is the precise reason to construct to a Web site. What you will learn in this Article is of fundamental importance before it invests the first dollar in a commercial emprendimiento in Internet. Now you will know that you will have to give before beginning the design of its Web site and, that way, to avoid to waste time and money. He is certainly if you Lee, understand and applies what will learn in this article, will be very many plus the probabilities of having a Web site that sells and is profitable. The last statistics of (site specialized in analyzing the servants of the world) have declared in the Hispanic newspaper of speech more important of Internet – that daily 4,500 new sites are born in Internet and die 360.

Occur to account you who every month we have 135,000 new Web sites and 10,800 sites that die? If we continued making numbers, we realize that 129,600 sites will die in next the 12 months. That money waste! What are making these industralists bad to die in their emprendimientos in Internet? Because these sites do not work? Love you to be part of this statistic? He is going to allow that its site dies between those other thousands? Perhaps its answer will be: Of any way! nor crazy I want to be in those 129,000 sites. We were glad if it is thus, because that answer is the one that motivates to us to write this article. When seeing the negative numbers that just we presented/displayed, you have perhaps felt discouraged to initiate or to continue with his emprendimiento. If you are feeling thus changes your attitude right now, we have mentioned since it does not stop to discourage it but so that you understand so important what is to organize very millimetrically their Web site and to respond same you the question: What is my concrete objective in developing to a Web site? It knows clearly these statistics and it responds very well that question, so that he is better to spend time in the answer that to pay the errors that began to commit. Steps: N1: To define the public to who to arrive N2: How to turn its visitors into N3 Prospectuses: How to turn Prospectuses into N4 Clients: How to turn Clients into clients of by life that buys N5 time and time again to him: Offering a proposal unique and superior Written by Carlos Galician Andres Dir.

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