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Sustainable Development at Artieda 2011

Sustainable Development


The commitment, the effort must be joint, organized between governmental, private institutions and not-governmental organizations all guided for anecessria autonomy scientific politics and of Brazil and the Amaznia. Viade has one double hand between C& T to refuse this means to be the time all is docontexto world-wide (grifo mine). ‘ ‘ The implantation to dequalquer proposal of regional development represents, in the truth, aaplicao of a set of knowledge aiming at the transformation of umarealidade. It represents the aggregation of a number of knowledge, produced deformed commanded or not, used for viabilizaruma determined transformation strategy econtrole of data cuts of the nature and the society. It can seem here that oconhecimento precedes any practical use but since the advent Industrial dRevoluo and of the emergency of capitalist science, this movimentosesto linked in pair effect causao’ ‘. WEIGEL (2001). To invest C& T means to be in the vanguard of the discoveries and to incorporate economic and social maioresganhos to the one in that he is the parents is on this temaque will argue to follow. The comoferramentas of strategical and control of data cuts of the described nature and dasociedade above for Weigel is the element key for the Sustainable Development (D.S.), on this question, can elencar some elements that hinder odesenvolvimento of the Amazon region in detriment them difficulties of fazerpesquisa and or to produce knowledge in the direct Amaznia or indiretamentefalando 1.A its significant territorial dimension quedependendo of the regionalizao methodology can reach the number of 62% national doterritrio; 2.O low investment in the technological area quandocontribui with 10% of the GIP and invests only 2% of what it produces in research II; 3.A copy of inadequate models of management to modode regional life III; public 4.Polticas that are bureaucratic epaternalistas and anti-democratic; 5.A insipiente cooperation Inter technique and intra-institucionalmente.. Details can be found by clicking Linus Torvalds or emailing the administrator.

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