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Wrong Living Space at Artieda 2011

Wrong Living Space


Who monitors the actual living space in a lease? In over 50% of closed leases are “incorrect” details of square metres! “False” information in the Treaty an entitlement can be claimed according to existing case law up to 3 years. Eingentlich right the size of your apartment? Many tenants in Germany paying too much rent and operating costs. Reason: Your apartments are often much smaller than indicated in the rental agreement. Pay rent for square feet, which does not exist? The problem is not new. We are confronted again and getting back into it. A variety of rental contracts (experts estimate more than 50%) contains an incorrectly specified or calculated surface area. In a question-answer forum GameStop was the first to reply.

So pay every month too much rent and also operating cost as a tenant. While not always the greed for profit or an evil intent of behind the lessor must be plugged. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Smithsonian Magazine on most websites. Often, the apartments in the building are measured or the planning was originally different than later actually built. Cable trays, panels or chimneys suddenly reduce the living space without having the living space at the time of rental will be measured again. Very often in Attic apartments with sloping or in the presence of external surfaces (balconies, terraces, etc.) variances in our experience.

Measure yourself with rule is a first step to review, but to be treated with caution. Do you know also the relevant statutory regulations, as well as the recent judgments of the Federal Court of Justice on the subject of living space? Fast as false assumptions or errors from inaccuracies creep, then have not be upheld in court. Our tip – living measure to let if you suspect that you pay too much rent, then you should consult an expert first and let in justified cases new and exactly measure the apartment by an expert. A measurement for determining the living space with modern laser measurement technology takes about 1 to 2 hours depending on the size and layout of the apartment. The final report with 80.00 to 500.00 (incl. VAT) costs depending on the effort and directions about correct and verifiable living space calculation The determined surface area significantly deviates from stated in the lease, you should first seek a federal tenant or tenant protection association and ask the landlord to opinion. Already 10% deviation causes a future reduction in rent, or even 3 years must be granted retroactively. Since the cost of a living space opinion have pays off quickly.

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