The technology falling in love of some provider for many mechanical engineers leads to Web pages that look like the sales prospectuses of the machine manufacturer. The strengths and expertise of the company are often not really clear. The achieved goal of the company, in the form of satisfied customers, i.e. through personal references, is treated if at all, only stepmotherly. And much more.

Enormous potential is the following optimization ability: too many companies are still too little holistic sell. As a result, The company remains in selling its products and services well below his capabilities and is maximum moderately successful. We call it an average successful, that sounds better, not optimally used potential alter however. So is the special feature of the competition Grand Prix of medium-sized companies”the holistic approach of the company. Not just short-term gains, but a sustainable expansion of business opportunities, profits, and also the stability of the company by growing equity are of great importance. The further evaluation assessed by investing in the future by securing for the future viability of the company Innovations, Modernisations, effective processes, professional development and personal development of employees, etc. Therefore, many nominated companies, many participants in the competition, and many winners of the competition more or less consciously practice a holistic sell. Finally, also the criterion is marketing and customer orientation “.

At least this shows whether the entire company really understood, that it is solely the customer decides whether the services of the company are transparent and represent a real solution for their needs, whether the price is reasonable, so if the company is really good and has a raison d ‘ etre from a customer perspective. What makes action clearly in the practice? What could solutions look like? Warning: The following recommendations come from practice. Some contradict each other with some scholarly opinions of scientists. We represent the approach: all knowledge comes from practice.

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