It is expensive for low-cost laptop could amount to almost half value? If the minimum PC configuration is, for example, 30 000 rubles., Max it can be more than 40 000. But the laptop has not changed. He remains in the budget model, with all ensuing consequences. For example, the system bus frequency and the frequency with which the memory will be minimal functionality will also remain at the same level, for example, a minimum set of ports or there is no module for wireless connection to the local area networks. Such models are often not available to reduce the cost or jack, or built-in antenna, that is, continue to "build" module can not. Now answer the question: why buy laptops economy-class right to work.

Of course, the work of discord, but in the case of a budget model for the work we have in mind office work, such as office applications. Typically, when you buy it is stated as: "Word, Excel, 1C: Accounting, Internet, and I sometimes watch a movie. " I assure you, the Word, and any movie, and, moreover, the Internet will not cause any problems on any modern laptop. In this case, no matter which processor will stand. It turns out that one third of the cost of a laptop, you pay only for the fact that, following the advice of an experienced friend to buy a laptop with a Pentium, which is not clear what "better." May argue that increasing the amount of RAM and roomy hard drive never superfluous.

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