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And Christians at Artieda 2011

And Christians


(But it should have been built but Mecca and the Kaaba from Adam son Seth) Abraham followed the revelation, leaving including baby alone in the uninhabited Inhospitality Hagar (Arabs did not exist it Yes, was the alleged ancestor of the Arabs out of the Ismael baby only) and went back to Sarah, his wife, and flocks of sheep. (Not to be confused with David Malpass !). Anyway, it has never again heard Abraham and Ishmael from a closer relationship between the God. The Arabs worshipped deities without number and only Muhammad abolished it, claiming already Abraham and the outcasts/abandoned Ishmael had about 10,000 years ago knew that Allah and as sole God worshiped together with descendants, which of course cannot agree for several reasons, because this emerged much later Semitic God that is not Allah, the is the sole exclusive God of the Israelites. All other (brother-in-law) people hate and destroyed it. This Semitic god like no Arabs with safety! And Christians obviously not! And secondly, had Allah not thousands years stand by watching, how next to him by the ancestors of the Arabs and also the later Arabs innumerable gods and goddesses were worshipped and patiently waited until this only be abolished nachchristlichem century by a self-proclaimed Prophet in the 6. “” The historian of religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam also must in the future to deal, to check the veracity of their books and their view of infidels “rethink, because all three religions are greatly mistaken, believe wrong and thus all infidels” in the sense of false belief at the end. We all need to help erring Muslims realize that Muhammad was in the good faith of belief that the Jewish scriptures were sacred writings from ancient times. How he would have to also recognize that this Literature only resulted from human hands, to give the political and religious power of the northern Kingdom of the priests of the southern Empire? Magnus of 1-Church of certainty

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