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Tag Archive for 'culture & religion' at Artieda 2011

Tag Archive for 'culture & religion'

And Christians


(But it should have been built but Mecca and the Kaaba from Adam son Seth) Abraham followed the revelation, leaving including baby alone in the uninhabited Inhospitality Hagar (Arabs did not exist it Yes, was the alleged ancestor of the Arabs out of the Ismael baby only) and went back to Sarah, his wife, and […]

Pope Unmasked As A Liar?


Is the Pope a liar, or a cheater even about? As shown by archaeological field surveys, excavations and finds, the Israelites had until about the 6th century BC, the same pagan rituals, such as about much worship, temple prostitution, fire rituals etc.wie the surrounding peoples also. We know a God was established until after the […]

The Bible – Torah Must Be Rewritten


like all of their neighbors. Their special God was created by prophets and priests and is just as “real” as about Baal, ASHERA, Tummuz, etc. It is now considered scientific secured the Israelites the Torah had written until much later than previously assumed, to subsequently assign a common history and religion the people. Previously, they […]



Way to make a custom template of the portraits together oil painting Designer online a portrait in oil is a gift with a lasting reminder value. With the right photo, you could save yourself sitting in front of the artist, describes Wei Phung, native of Switzerland and one of the founders of the art portal. […]

Dialog Of The Stories


Jenny Falckenberg Blunck presents photographs by Franziska Stunkel Director and actor Kai Wiesinger in unique double exhibition in Hamburg. “Hamburg, 09 February 2012 – from March 21, 2012, art agent Jenny Falckenberg Blunck in Hamburg presents photographs of directed by Franziska Stunkel and actor Kai Wiesinger in the double exhibition dialogue of the stories”. Both […]

Andras Markos


Con i suoi preziosi pizzi crea sciami di farfalle o colonne che sprofondano nei decolltee o morbid volute in movimento.Non pizzi o collari ma vere opere d’arte. Jiinaun Kim (alias sense) raccoglie, combatte abbraccia le contraddizioni tradizioni della propria Corea. Con un corpo minuto ma inaspettatamente forte plasma figure graffiando enormi lastre di alluminio, attribuendo […]

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