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Pope Unmasked As A Liar? at Artieda 2011

Pope Unmasked As A Liar?


Is the Pope a liar, or a cheater even about? As shown by archaeological field surveys, excavations and finds, the Israelites had until about the 6th century BC, the same pagan rituals, such as about much worship, temple prostitution, fire rituals etc.wie the surrounding peoples also. We know a God was established until after the Babylonian captivity, the two fuselage kingdoms of Judah and Israel to give a common religion and to ensure that the cohesion of the people. That the Scriptures under Josiah (630-609) in the temple were found, must be questioned, because already King had fully clean the temple Hezekiah ((710-601) and clearing out and doing these scrolls were discovered. Everything indicates that these writings, which are Yes the Holy of Holies of the Israelites and still for centuries allegedly “had been installed”, new were written as “God’s word” around 600 BC. If this Semitic God but now an invention according to Babylonian Israelites, Moses can’t with him yet have communicated and not quite not Noah or even Abraham. Christianity thus has the same problem as Islam, because the fathers of the Church, as well as Mohammed have written off from inaccurate sources and distributed this as “Divine truths”. If one assumes now – and you probably have – that the Pope to these relationships white, the assumption is probably not completely outlandish that he may be a liar, especially as he prepares the assertion to be programmed by absolutely nothing, he would be the this Semitic root God’s representative. G. Riemer/religion and science

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