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Classicism (from Lat. Classicus – model) – the artistic style of European art XVII-XIX centuries. One of the main features of which was an appeal to the ancient art as the supreme model and reliance on the traditions of the . Art reflected the ideas of classical harmonic structure of society, but in many ways their lost its comparison with the culture of the Renaissance. Conflicts of personality and society, the ideal and reality, sense and reason indicate the complexity classical art.

Classical forms of artistic expression inherent in a strict-discipline, poise, clarity and harmonious manner. The outstanding masterpiece of architecture, who combined classicism and baroque into a single grand style, was a palace and park ensemble in Versailles – the residence of French kings (the second half of XVII century.). In painting, the principal value of acquired logical deployment of the plot, a clear balanced composition, clear transfer volume, with the subordinate role of light and shade of color, use of local color (N. Poussin, Claude Lorrain.) Clear delineation of landscape plans revealed also by means of color: the foreground necessarily had to be brown, medium – green and far – in blue. In the second half of XVIII century.

painting appeals to the republican ideas of antiquity, to images of courageous fighters against tyranny (J. David). Sculpture of the Classical period different forms of smoothness, quiet poses, even the movement does not violate the closed form (E Falcone, M Houdon.) Late classicism, also called the Empire, taking on the traits of pomp and splendor, as expressed in architecture and arts and crafts the first third of the XIX century (see the Empire). Russian classicism in the second half of XVIII – early XIX centuries. embodied a new, unprecedented in scale, national and ideological pathos fullness flowering of culture and architectural ensembles structure V.

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