Classic Window Great Britain


If they say that eyes are windows into the human soul, the windows themselves, apparently, are the soul of the house. Every person and every house in need of lighting and ventilation. This fact is undeniable. Light and fresh air to enter people through the window. Window the same technology are at the head of the construction industry, including a variety of design and design solutions – from the stained glass on the facades to pivotally suspended from wooden vents, sliding sash and double glazing. Modern facades, humbly dressed in PVC and often gives the building a business style. However, the appearance of windows, to which we are accustomed to today, not was always the same. Windows, window frames and window panes modify, its way of absorbing the features that marked the appropriate time.

Thus, the windows of houses and buildings can tell a lot about the history of their owners, if they look closely. Let's feasible a short excursion into history and take, for example, the classic English windows 'sash', consisting of two halves, mounted one above the other. On At least one of them slips up and down, leaving a window open or closed, respectively. The windows 'sash' were invented either in England or in one of the countries – the Netherlands, Belgium or Luxembourg somewhere in the middle of the 17th century. In England they were widely used throughout the 19th century, a tradition of their use has more than 200 years. Is it possible to know which window is in front of you 'sash'-earlier or later time period? The answer to this question can help you determine the age of the house.

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