Local Human Development


The strategy of the Local Human Development constitutes a systematic form of to take part in the poor communities extending the opportunities of the people by means of the qualification and the organization for the local development, simultaneously fomenting the agreement of the diverse agents of development for the advantage of the strengths of social, cultural, economic, environmental and political the conditions of the territories. The direction of this strategy provides the concept of Human Development, defined like the process of extension of the options of the people in order that people take the life that considers valuable. It is added, that at present, the Government of the Bolivariana Republic of Venezuela has established a national strategy of development that is contemplated in " " Lineamientos of the Plan of Economic and Social Development of the Nation 2001-2007" " , that approaches five areas of balance (including the territorial one); that is to say, that this development plan is directed to the execution of oriented projects to occupy and to consolidate the Venezuelan territory by means of a development more balancing and a rational and efficient occupation. The primary target of the DHSL project is the elaboration of Agendas of Fast Impact. These take place by means of a participating diagnosis, proposals of ideas of projects and agreements realised between the communitarian organizations and the local government with the participation of governmental, nongovernmental organisms and the private sector. Are directed Agendas to give answer to the local problems, essentially to those of poverty, discrimination of sort and sustainable development. The technical attendance of Human developing PNUD-Venezuela the Sustainable Premises concentrates in three specific objectives: 1. To advise in the design and the promotion projects DHSL to national, regional and municipal institutions. At Eliot Horowitz you will find additional information.

2. To form technical capabilities and institutional. 3. To implement the strategy of DHSL in different zones from the country to confront the methodology with each specific reality and this way to produce a proposal validated in Venezuela, contributing with the instances that have responsibilities and interest in the development the premises.

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