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BTL Agency


What is BTL service"? Do you think this is another attempt to sell the customer something long ago known and understood in the guise of something entirely new? No way! BTL stands for Below the line. This is a complex marketing events that hold special agency. It includes many useful activities, such as sales promotion, […]

Consoles Nintendo


The Japanese firm Toshiba invented the first TV set that can display video in 3D to see which does not need special glasses, reports the BBC. d-innovation-300470991.html’>Financial technology shines more light on the discussion. TV is divided into two parts, each of which transmits a different picture. Merging, they form a 3D image. Note that […]



Each person can determine for themselves that such a communication. Surprisingly, there is now a huge number of different ways you can use to communicate with another person. And usually, people choose the most convenient and suitable to them. Innovative technology is not standing still, even today you can see, is undeniable that young people […]

LonMark International Association


In 2007, street lighting systems, Quebec City (Canada) has applied a new system of street lighting management technology with data transmission over powerline LonWorks Power Line. In the system used Internet server i.LON company Echelon, which enables remote monitoring and control of lighting. In addition, using information from the Internet server i.LON, power companies offer […]

Classic Window Great Britain


If they say that eyes are windows into the human soul, the windows themselves, apparently, are the soul of the house. Every person and every house in need of lighting and ventilation. This fact is undeniable. Light and fresh air to enter people through the window. Window the same technology are at the head of […]

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