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And if they’ve been trained well enough to compete with the very same sales manager, who smotiviroval this situation, it is possible that he would try to learn something. And, thus improving its efficiency. This, of course, is very simple and so casually that we can say: ‘So what? I know this for a long time. ” But look at things a little more sober and relevant. After all, if a person works in a department has a long (a year, six months, two years) time, then it does not necessarily mean that this person is all about everything that relates to work that knows.

Maybe he uses the tools that he used six months ago. But you must admit that when he used to them, then he will use them in two years, three years and five years later. Just because it’s more convenient … However, if we return to efficiency, then there will be a big omission on the part of a fundamental factor in this concept – time. The time it takes to get results, will be the same as five years ago. This is similar to an accountant who from time to time uses accounts, saying, ‘that the Germans well, the Russian death.

” And enjoy simply because it is familiar. But time has not come back. That’s why I would like to emphasize that the effectiveness of your staff depends on education, which he passes or fails. Look at his most efficient staff. They are busy working. They spend their time really is dosed. They do not sit permanently in a dreamy view of the window. They work. But between work and a brief rest trying to find something new, some new techniques, some new rating tool which will allow them to raise as effective worker, and the effectiveness of the department in which they work.

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