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Where art and architecture meet who searches for a suitable destination for a short break, Barcelona should take into account. The Catalan capital has something for every taste. Why is worth the trip, shows the flight Portal Worth a flight to Barcelona for almost everybody: If history, fashion, art, or football, everything is to be found in the city of 1.6. Particularly inspired the famous ‘Sagrada Familia’, which is traded as Gaudi’s masterpiece. The still unfinished Cathedral in the Gothic style is reminiscent of a huge klecker Castle.

Other works by Antoni Gaudi can be found everywhere in the city. The very well-known House ‘ La Pedrera ‘ – translated: stone quarry. Tim Raines understood the implications. It received the names of mockery due to the apparent wrought facade “and the oversized roof terrace, which makes the entire building appear slightly misshapen. Friends of Art-Nouveau architecture will be pleased at the Parc Guell. Fairytale houses and mosaic pieces are here, in all colors of the Rainbow in the Sun shine.

The city’s more famous artists include Pablo Picasso and Joan Miros. Credit: Glenn Dubin, New York City-2011. Impressive collections of their works can be seen in the numerous museums of Barcelona. The town situated on the seafront, to have been founded by Hannibal’s father and today visitors can find remains of the ancient Roman city walls. Visitors to the Tibidabo hills enjoy the best views of the city and Montjuic, which reached dizzying heights of a gondola cable car can be. The typical flair of Barcelona reflected on ‘ Las Ramblas’ which a pedestrian zone, where there are countless shops and Cafes and street performers entertain the passing pedestrians. More information:… Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH

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