Igor Bogdanov


The rate has fallen through the floor, but I knew that no other way. Dima is remembered long afterwards, who was the "dead" clients with whom he came in the first camp at the beginning of the season. At seven o'clock on the glacier snow included. They came before dawn, the camp is knee-deep in snow, all white, light bulbs – as garlands on the tree – snatching pyataks drifts with yurts and tents. Full Sur. In my state It looked even more fantastic, more so that all the people threw out the camp to meet us and began to congratulate Harmanisa. I watched from the sidelines, as if I – an incorporeal being.

But the fraternal handshake Andrew brought me back to ice, and here I am sitting in the tent at the table, and my old friend – Igor Bogdanov – makes her wear a knitted sweater. I'm so glad you all, guys! Camp number "one" morning the sun came out, but the surrealism is not over, although it became warmer. Andrew has settled down, got friends here that made me very happy. Seeing my condition, he decides to go to the eastern ridge, and then spend the day in the camp of the work to install camping – for better acclimatization. I also helped to camp, but with less impact: I crushed on both sides. It was pleasant communication, a lot of new people warmly. Andrew is looking for ways to naikrotchayshego ridge a little to get lost, and left it rather late. Wind blow was due to crest, and the pilot made a wise decision to return on foot.

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