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Karelia Perfect Relaxation at Artieda 2011

Karelia Perfect Relaxation


For a large number of individuals certainly a good rest is associated with intense exercise. And for such people to walk in the park located near – this is not an active way of spending time, and only a parody. Realistically, in order to relax in your own pleasure, it is necessary not just to spend a few hours outside the shelter, but most effectively – to go on a number of days in the area hunting and fishing – in Karelia. Usually, we decide out to afford the trip, not too often. But often just such an active vacation for a few days – for example, hunting in Karelia is the most reasonable solution to the situation chronic fatigue, high workload nervous. Someone who can afford to give a chance to rest a few days in the pristine forests of Karelia, comes to their own everyday reality changed – rested, refreshed, full of strength. Furthermore there can be such that someone who goes to a licensed quality of the hunt, came back without a trophy.

So, the hunt – it's on top and weight experiences with the evidence. Going on a hunt, many fans of this sport can be reserved primarily cameras. Since the capture itself at the forefront of production – this is really a good memory for future, which can be shared and with friends, and co-workers. Similarly, fishing in Karelia – this is not the usual talk keen fishermen with excessive descriptions of the catch. Those who fished at least once in Karelia know: No imagination can not compare with the real achievements of the Karelian fishing. And the photo, and really marked the fish, which can drag to your home and enjoy the delight of your loved ones, but also envy of friends – All this leaves a wonderful memory. Today, it is possible to tell about this, that, while the purity of the Karelian flora and fauna of enormous number, there is also and advanced infrastructure. Thus, the cottages Karelia, where you can relax after a hard day spent in hunting, provide an opportunity to truly escape and revel in the perfect vacation.

Besides, there really to find a nice holiday and for a friendly group of 4 persons, and for a more solid – at approximately 10 persons. Private parking, a real Russian bath, a long pier, and along with oven for cooking meat – it has all the conditions so that the rest is really bright and ineffable. A hunting for fox, wolf, deer and squirrels will stay in your memory for years to come as the real magic. However, in contrast to the fabulous fictional country in Karelia can always go back.

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