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Every man, boy, boys, children have their own goddesses and their queen +. With age, their location and the intrinsic value of the object relative to adoring steadily changing. Although +. That he is married, and she married, on the contrary, each busy with some fleeting romance, which seems to be a break, but for some reason or terribly sorry. Not quite true, of course, anyone. And that’s all this pity, a self-contempt, which grows with the years of ridicule, is filled alcohol and flavor flowing bile, but not only in his address, but the whole world, sometimes close-range, and sometimes – in the entire universe. ‘The day is full of life’ – an instant the little man in the head by a half play all hours of crackers explodes – the first, and then a mature love, life, work, dissatisfaction with it as +. That hero Andrei Kovalev (writer and actor rolled into one) child, that he is the father, so there is time to try on the role of an aging parent and adult son, who is trying to dodge the care thereof.

Probably the most difficult moment, when he was horrified looks into the eyes of a lonely old woman, look away with a sigh: “How terrible to grow old in this country ‘. Auditorium fascinated, then filled with laughter, then suddenly becomes serious and stole from a neighbor looks like a tear. And in the back row of a peasant family squabble on stage turns to his wife: – But you did on Saturday as pilish + When the viewer starts to associate himself with the hero on the stage, then the problem’s done, it understood and appreciated, that is to try on. A touchingly attentive sketches on kids, like a real psychologist hero spends the imaginary boundaries of adulthood and unchildlike selfishness. Even growing up, we remain children, who sometimes have to hide behind his father’s pant leg.

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