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New Aurlio Dictionary


Figure 1. Indicating the quarter of New discovery in the RPA 3.Fonte: Atlases 2005 PMR. Figure 2: Map of the quarter of New discovery. Source: Atlases Municipal 2005 PMR. 3Um stroll for the formation of New Discovery the occupation of the area where if it currently points out the quarter of New Discovery was characterized […]

Agricultural Population


Already the population of the microregion of Japaratuba arrived the 48.899. In 2000, the sergipana population presents about 1,05% of the population of country. Graph 01: Population of Sergipe Source of Graph 01: Atlases of Human Development in Brazil, 2000.CR-R Index of Desenvolvimento (IDH) of Sergipe the index of Human Development in Sergipe of 1991 […]

Sustainable Development


The commitment, the effort must be joint, organized between governmental, private institutions and not-governmental organizations all guided for anecessria autonomy scientific politics and of Brazil and the Amaznia. Viade has one double hand between C& T to refuse this means to be the time all is docontexto world-wide (grifo mine). ‘ ‘ The implantation to […]

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