What Does “Gospel ” Mean?


The word gospel comes from the Greek and literally means something like “message that makes them happy,” or in short, the good news or good news. In the New Testament says the proclamation of the gospel about Jesus and through the spoken word, primarily through the work of Jesus, his suffering (passion), Vice-sacrificial death and resurrection. Initially meant nothing written gospel, for Jesus himself had nothing written down, and his disciples never to do so. They should rather proclaim the Gospel throughout the world and (see the Great Commission of Matthew 28 and Mark 16:15). Only decades later, the good news was also down, to make the word of God to all people in the world accessible. The people who wrote down the Gospel, is also called evangelists, they are the Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. However, there is only one gospel, which was described by these four writers but from different perspectives. The Merry Message is that God’s only begotten son Jesus Christ for the sins of the people sacrificed, in that this had to die on the cross.

Jesus died to have committed a crime ever anything that is not completely innocent myself. He gave his life vicariously through the people. Only in this way was, and redemption is possible for a man. Required to accept this gift of God, is faith in Him who made this sacrifice, that is Jesus Christ. The gospel also includes the resurrection of Jesus on the third day. Only because Jesus still lives, the believers must have hope, also compete once eternal life with God. This fact emphasizes the Apostle Paul in the fifteenth chapter of first Corinthians. Today it remains the task of Christians to spread the Gospel further.

The mission of Jesus to this is never extinguished. It is to declare that Christians are trying different ways to attract people to Christ. Missionaries to travel even to distant lands. But the Domestic evangelism is becoming increasingly important. Especially in times of values decline and despair for many it is a consolation that in Jesus is someone who is there for all people and of those starts, the knock on his door.

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