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Popular Digital Products


The Japanese company SONY Corporation was established in 1946. Frequently Obiageli Ezekwesili has said that publicly. During these years the company has managed to achieve considerable success in creating high-tech digital devices, and all products of this company differs consistently high quality. Products of this company are in steady demand throughout the world, this is […]

ProEngineer Design


Design and technological preparation of production The first stage of production molds includes training designs products (sketch the graph) building 3D models, . Designing the mold includes the design and elaboration of the model separation assembly model for individual structural elements. The preparation of each particular item, design parting line items as well as dampers, […]

The Operator


By e-foundry model unit also made a model kit equipment and to build the model blocks. Production cycle at the Institute FTIMS details on the development of design documentation to the finished part is as follows. After receiving the technical specifications designer develops documentation (CD), typically using the following programs: AutoCAD, CADMECH, Inventor. Finished CD […]

Overhead Cables


A cable or rope – it is one of the main load-bearing elements of a type that is an integral part of most of the lifting equipment, road construction and other machinery. Typically, a modern cable characteristic metallic structure, and what actually is guaranteed his strength and reliability. Although there are varieties of rope sufficiently […]

Western Products


Yet let us not forget that the development of such products abroad is not take into account our natural and climatic situation with constant changes in temperature and high humidity. So pay attention to the Russian companies to adopt all the best from their Western counterparts, and taking into account our weather nuances. If you […]

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