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By e-foundry model unit also made a model kit equipment and to build the model blocks. Production cycle at the Institute FTIMS details on the development of design documentation to the finished part is as follows. After receiving the technical specifications designer develops documentation (CD), typically using the following programs: AutoCAD, CADMECH, Inventor. Finished CD delivered in an electronic archive of Design, which is located on a shared server organization. When you receive a job manufacture of a part in the production department engineer-programmer takes drawing and 3D-model, develops process technology management program and places it on the server.

Then, after installing the workpiece on machine table CNC operator calls the program from the server after checking and adjusting the machine starts processing the workpiece, to give the casting model parts or molds. Fig. . 2 shows the operator's work in the shop FTIMS on table of the CNC machine are cut cutter machine model. Hear other arguments on the topic with ICAEW. Of polystyrene foam model of the mold by LGM-cast aluminum is often the process of the mold, and then, if necessary, bring it to the desired surface finish on the same CNC machines. This simplifies the entire technology transfer products from the drawing to penomodeli and casting speeds to obtain molds (up to several hours) to produce models from the design stage to manufacture them at the same while requiring computer literacy of staff employed by this. Fig. 3 shows both the model of the mold and model of artistic castings obtained by CNC from a block of foam. Fig. 4 shows the major model trough of two parts, each with dimensions up to 2m. According to the principle of the CNC system is a servo system with feedback signal is fed from the position of the optical sensor (encoder), which is fixed on motor controller and provides information about the real rotation of the motor shaft.

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