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Venus System


When I decided to create this blog I got as main goal to be able to monetize the idea of the Venus project and the philosophy of the documentary Zeitgeist so from my personal approach we can begin to mobilize in favour of this new status that we want for the societies in which we live. When I speak of profitable I mean that we must make our philosophy to be put into practice because it seems to me that the biggest mistake of movements for social change or the so-called revolutionaries is that they never go to the plane of the practice and are relegated only to philosophical debate, in this sense when creating this space and when I decided to take the flag of the movement and give a personal structure never consider to Zeitgeist and the Venus project as rhetorical philosophies, my involvement is going to be active and to generate controversy because my understanding of the movements of revolution is not that traditionally are accustomed to seeing. My militant action philosophy is simple: we use the resources of the old system to establish the new. My greatest fear is that none We live to see the Venus project in its splendor, I think that the same step when Marx forecast the best thing and the worst thing about this system, so from this space I’ll share ideas related to the main project but from my understanding.

I know that many they will agree with what I intend to do and be that others will not, my intention, said another way, is to achieve the Zeitgeist philosophy is mass but from practice, so I intend to make all who follow me understand that our noble ideas deserve an also economic framework which can eventually lead us to massively the premise of the entire movement. I think the biggest mistake that today today discuss the revolutionary philosophies, (agree that what we are proposing is revolutionary) is that it does not capitalize their human potential in empirical facts, do not have an economic or legal framework and a structure beyond the utopian goal, why is it muren. We are not a utopian movement, want to really change things, we should change them, so with the passage of the days in this space will have more details of what I intend to do and how it is necessary to get us involved to avoid that more people they enslaved in the system.

Let’s be realistic and practical, nobody is going to abandon the use of your credit card today, nobody is going to stop going to deposit funds into your bank, nobody will no longer take out mortgages, they will not stop consuming big brands or much less will no longer be at the mercy of large multimedia, the Lords reality is that we live in the CAPITALIST system and although the resource-based economy is good we need to be able to show you the world that can work for everyone the question that I want to make here is: would it not be smarter to make money with this system (corroded) resources to impose by our own means the new system? I’m going to dedicate my life to this ideology but I want us to be practical and realistic but are not going to move forward in any place and we will stay in the utopia of the possibilities and is not a movement, it is a philosophy with expiration date.

Official Gazette


The minimum amount of this insurance will be covered by the regulation. 5 Obligations that must meet companies that made loans in commercial communications and advertising where they must mention the rate annual equivalent applicable to credit (TAE). 6 Delivery obligation of information brochure containing at least 5 days prior to the signing of the contract of the following information: company information: company name, domicile, CIF, activity, nature of franchisee if so, insurance policy, registration in which it is registered and your number. Information about the product or service: description of the main features of the contract and the price that the customer must pay the contract information: bid and law of the parties 7. Obligation to make a binding offer of loan or notification of its refusal.

The offer will be made in writing and signed by the representative of the company and shall be valid from 10 business days, counted from the date of its delivery. 8. In cases of reunification of debt, must be reported in a clear, concise and prominent way of any kind of expenses related to that group. Addition, prohibits making reference to the reduction of the monthly fee to pay, not to mention expressly the pending capital increase and the term of the new loan payment. 9. Obligation of notaries and registrars: notaries shall refuse authorisation of the loan with a mortgage guarantee and registrars registration, when it does not comply with that contemplated in accordance with the rules established in this Act 10.

Enactment of the law: This law shall enter into force as from the day following its publication in the Official Gazette. Taking into account the following considerations: companies will have a period of adaptation of this law of 3 months from its entry into force in relation to compliance with the communications and advertising. In terms of the obligations of transparency of contracts, prior information to the contract, the requirements of form and content of contracts, pricing, early repayment and opening Committee obligations, shall be demanded from the entry into force of the law. Regarding the obligation to register in the register, companies will have a period of 3 months since it constitutes such registration.

Publish Without Fear


Conocer which I am going to speak nonmemory at the moment the Biblical appointment where our Mr. Jesus Christ said: Nobody d what does not have, but I must mention it because is a great truth, How we are going to transmit a message, or to convince of something to anybody, if we have not assumed it, or we are not convinced of it? , to do it would be like stopping to us to read simply, it would be like going to count pure stories, and perhaps what if we could be doing he is everything, to even act, less to be giving a message to a group of people. To deepen your understanding MongoDB is the source. Before evaluarte in your exhibitions that you have done, even before castigarte and of sentirte frustrated (a), because you feel that you do not know to speak in public or not you d such thing, pregntate if been you have convinced than you have spoken, Which has been your objective or your motivator to give such talk? , if is money, already you began bad, because money must to arrive only according to your performance, if it is to please to your landlord it promotes so that you in some position, also the thing does not go by there, since those that they observe you in case single they will give account valuable or valuable that you are, if is to pretend something that you are not, you yourself (a) you were deceived first before doing it with your public, that motor must be the one that those that listens to you can feel the passion that your you feel by your subject, to such degree that they are interested reason why they are listening, your you are speaking because you are enthusiastic, because what you speak you want that they know it to the others so that they occur to account the wonderful thing that is what your you know, It give account you? , when you obtain that, to people like escucharte, want to know they more are infecting, them of your passion, have duplicarte or clonarte in each one of the people who are listening to your words. it interests the subject to you? descrgate the gratuitous bulletincomplete in: Original author and source of the article.. (Similarly see: Eliot Horowitz).

Freedom City


Take your time, here every detail is important. Drained his glass and put it on Geron table, leaned back and closed his eyes. He tried to remember yesterday. Holiday "resurrection of the saints" mentioned more than two hundred years, but the carnivals are more recent. And at first it was simply a church move. Hear from experts in the field like Columbia University for a more varied view. In this day of all the churches carried icons of saints and the sound of church songs brought them to the main temple of the city, which was located in the central square.

The procession moved along the main streets of all margins to the center. So for several hours almost all vehicle traffic in the city was paralyzed. Only the subway to work without interruptions and with maximum load. Heron took his camera and left the building edition about 12 hours. He went to the city center to its main avenue. At the place where, and had to connect several flows of people into one big river. Geron wanted to capture this very moment. In addition, there was open-air restaurant, from which it would be convenient to watch the connection process.

On ordinary days, the streets, which was Geron, were filled with people and cars. But today they seem frozen, waiting for the approaching wave of the carnival. Those passers-by, who were now on the street, got off the sidewalk into the roadway, enjoying the freedom of this space is short. Two little girls, eleven years old, came to the middle of the road and waving the ridiculous rackets and played badminton.

Accident Insurance For Children


It is incredible and terrifying. Over 20,000 accidents occur every day in Germany. This study can be found so that (statistically speaking) every 11th Germans suffered an accident in the year. Anyone who leaves it to the statutory accident insurance is experiencing fast a great disappointment. Statutory accident insurance is only for accidents at work and at school or in kindergarten. So if in leisure (eg sports) victim of an accident is because without insurance.

A special type of accident is the "accident insurance for children" Children Act unfortunately only in kindergarten or school by the statutory accident insurance are covered. But most accidents happened among children not in school, but in their free time. By the same author: Columbia University. Studies have shown that children around 80% of their time are not covered by the statutory accident insurance. More frightening is that fact when one considers the children to a 11-fold higher risk of accidents are delivered as Adults. A serious accident of the child is usually synonymous with high cost prohibitive. Should it come as a paraplegic, not just the cost of therapy to go into the money.

Financially costly to the necessary modification – turn out work where the building is handicapped accessible. Consequently, all responsible parents take out special insurance for their child. This is possible for all children and young people under 18 years and is basically all over the world. The contributions are not only relatively low, but in addition also tax deductible. For those interested several insurance options to choose from. Thus, both a gun accident insurance with premium return, as well as an extra benefit (for example, Emergency Hospital daily allowance to be agreed). All parents can do now in a comparison of the first important step to offer your child an adequate justification.



SGBDD-Photovoltaikmarke SOLAR purchase provides PV modules of our own brand luxra for the rabbit Hutch of a Berlin School of FRANKFURT, July 2013 at the free Montessori school Berlin has SOLAR purchasing the photovoltaic sales mark of Saint-Gobain building distribution Germany GmbH (SGBDD) the roof of the retreads Bunny barn of the educational institution is equipped with a small photovoltaic system. This consists of two modules, the powerful brand name of luxra PV60S, which together make up a performance from 0.5 kWp. Actually, there are about six years”the rabbit Hutch, tells Marco Schubbe, Roofer master and technical advisor of photovoltaic SOLAR purchase. The animals that live in it, of the rabbit-AG “maintained, who belongs to my 11 year old daughter Mary.” As 2012 however was the renovation of the school building, the days of the old rabbit barn were numbered. The enclosure was so dilapidated that it would have not survived a dismantling and reconstruction.” Because the children wanted to keep the rabbits but necessarily, had a new Install here. In a question-answer forum Hummer Winblad was the first to reply. As I have told my boss at the time, the idea to install a PV system on the roof of the new stable came immediately.” Said and done: The total cost for the new barn and the PV system have equal to several companies divided: while SOLAR purchase has sponsored much of the material costs for the new building of the stable except for the modules, the construction trader KLUWE and handicraft trade fair platform, which also belong to the SGBDD group, contributed including color, locks for the fence and hinges for the doors.

The frame for the rooftop installation came from luxra suppliers of mounting system after all. Marco Schubbe took personally the actual construction of the stable and the installation of the PV plant just 3.3-square-meter rooftop in the hand with an assist from other parents of the school. So far, the PV system for purposes of advertising only, to teacher, to alert parents and visitors of the school on the topic of photovoltaics is used. Additional information is available at Michael Steinhardt. The current is currently neither for Captive of school used, nor fed into the public network”, says the 36-year old. The energy yield was already quite low with 400 kilowatt-hours per year. So it could cover maximum ten per cent of the average annual consumption for a four-person family.” Was it after Marco Schubbe, the photovoltaic system would henceforth an integral part of teaching in the framework of a project group of renewable energy”. “Because: for pupils of the 7th, 8th or 9th class is a unique opportunity, located in the classroom playful the functioning as well as the advantages and disadvantages of this technology of the future to deal with.” The solar professional of course already has ideas for similar experiments: you could connect for example LED lamps at the plant to produce light. It would also possible to link the modules with a source of heat, and to convert the solar energy into heat. Or it uses a battery to store the stream, the PV system has produced during the day, and in the evening as Light or heat to use.” There were even grateful customers for this: the inhabitants of the Bunny barn.

Estense Gallery


Today these buildings are the purest example of Romanesque art in Europe. The Abbey of San Silvestre, in the town of Nonantola, is a destination that cannot escape from your route. Built in the 6th century, has undergone several modifications. The latter corresponds to the 10th century and is a real jewel of Romanesque style. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit MongoDB. You must visit the Palace Museum (Palazzo dei Musei) as we remembered was built by the East in 1753. In a question-answer forum Michael Steinhardt was the first to reply. Destined for Arsenal, then became poor Hospice and since 1883 hosts major cultural institutions, including the Estense Gallery, with works by El Greco, Velazquez and many other grandmasters. It also houses the Estense library, where the Bible stands of Borso d East go to the Romanesque school is an Academy for the diffusion of the Italian language: is the ideal place for those who want to begin or deepen the study of Italian and make it an instrument of knowledge of our culture.

Romanesque organizes Italian language and culture courses open to students of all ages and nationalities and offers a programme of free time pleasant, curious and full of surprises. Romanesque is located in Modena, in the historic center: classrooms decorated with frescoes from the Palace of 17th century in which the school has headquarters are a suggestive starting point to start discovering the everyday rhythm of a city beautiful, nice and unique. Of course, your meal should enjoy traditionally dishes are very abundant and succulent. Very tasty is the zampone, a leg of pork stuffed, accompanied by a delicious garnish of lentils. Another protagonist of this cuisine is local balsamic, considered one of the best in the world by the particular taste which prints each dish. When it comes to dessert, eat delicious cherries Vinola, which can be accompanied with a chestnut cake, called castagnaccio. Original author and source of the article.

Professional Makeup


Show off a pristine and perfect make-up seems simple but really what makeup tricks, makeup techniques used professional makeup artists to make a simple homemade makeup a worthy of any event make-up? It seems easy task although obviously it isn’t, test is that each year the market of cosmetics bets on new professional makeup artists, beauty experts to get every woman learn how to enhance your beauty with the help of the best firms and of course, best makeup products. But in reality what does exactly that a professional makeup artist makeup is so perfect results? It is a question that many beauty experts are wondering since it seems something easy to get if we take into account that this question ask it are hundreds of women who put makeup on a daily basis for years, using the best products. The answer is that the perfect result is achieved with many tricks and details that flow from the makeup artist during the make-up session and every detail counts. The first trick, although it may seem obvious, it is the training that these make-up artists acquired; the best schools in the sector, as the string of Epro vocational schools, have better teachers, professional sector, so each class is a majestic make-up session where you not only learn how to apply makeup or how to make the requested smooky eyes but that we also learn to pick up the brush properly, to respect the distance with the person is makeup thatto take ICT worthy of a professional, as the delicacy with which the shadow on the eyelid, is positioned all these detailing added. With years of experience I have learned that among professionals, it is possible even to detect whether or not one is good before you start if you want to apply makeup; by how prepares his brushes, as it analyzes the face, as he handles his other tricks of makeup product professional is having a perfect and clear structure of makeup; da equals who are makeup and for that, the order and the system of work is vital.

A great professional makeup tricks is to prepare well the skin before applying any makeup product: serum, moisturizing, pre basis, base a myriad of products that will make the result totally professional. Another of the tricks of professional makeup artists that I personally love and is the outcome of the previous point, is that they pamper not only detail the canvas in which go to make up but it also ensures that your personal seal appears at the end. Not important how many shadows used or how many products applied with the finishing touches, get that makeup goes from being a nice makeup to an impressive makeup; that get it with the help of products like the Illuminator, the application of dust in certain areas, review the fixes, final fastening products thanks to the schools that form these great masters of the art of makeup that thanks to all his tricks we can develop for a day in stars and actors. About

Metal Doors – An Inside Look


Despite the fact that the modern construction market represented a wide variety of metal doors, both imported and domestic, the main difference between them – is the price. Metal doors – With regard to manufacturing technology manufacturing technology door is not seen too much difference. The basis of any door, usually rectangular frame is made of metal profiles, reinforced by internal stiffeners. Moreover, the larger the size of the door, the more are the ribs. This frame is welded steel sheet. Sheet may be welded on both the outside and inside, consensus on this point. According to the proponents of bilateral plating frame, this technology allows you to further protect the door from skewing during operation, and a second inner sheet is extra protection against opening.

For sheathing is recommended to use sheets of thickness not less than 2 mm. Foreign manufacturers of steel doors used primarily sheets of thickness 1.5 mm and smaller domestic producers for covering the frame is metal 2,5 and 3 mm. As a result – domestic metal doors, as compared with imports, have a heavier weight, and accordingly, the load on the hinges more. Door loops are of two types. The loop consists of a standard type of pin, which is the axis of rotation for the second part of the loop. Most of the doors equipped with loops of this type. It should be noted that in the process manual door bearing part of the loop begins to fade, there is the creaking of a door begins to touch on the threshold and poorly covered. The best option – the use of loops of the second type, in which between the rubbing parts placed ball.

Such loops do not require frequent lubrication, do not creak, and the life they have much longer. Number of loops on the door depends on its weight. If the door has a weight of less than 70 kg, costing two loops, with greater weight is recommended to install three loops. To make the steel doors outdoor aesthetic form, it can be upholster artificial leather, decorative sheet of hardboard or wood paneling. The internal space between sheets filled with sound-and heat-insulating material. If the old door is, the space between the sheets can be left blank. Filler can be a foam, wooden beams of pine or special backfilling. For insulation foam and timber are virtually identical, but the foam less purely ecological. Backfilling, though cleaner, but making the wrong door can cause failure Door lock device. Currently, as a filler manufacturers have been widely used mineral wool, which is environmentally friendly, nonflammable and has excellent heat and soundproofed. Most often the door is opened by cutting the loops. That the door could not open the way, establish a special lock is locked in a three or four sides. Moreover, open or to close such a lock can in two ways. In the first case Pushing crossbars is a rotating door handle or an additional key, and locking is the main key. In the second method crossbars nominated and blocked with a single key. It should be noted, in this case, the code of the castle is experiencing the entire load, and usually has a short lifespan. The problem of cutting the loop can be remove and cheaper – to install on the opposite side of the door lock with respect protivosemnye pins. During the closing pins are included in the nest, located on the door frame and door, thanks to this, securely.

Business Online


One of the unknowns that arise when wanting to start a business on the Internet is: where beginning? Below I present these four steps that will help you to clarify your way. 1 Product or service-find a product or a service to offer, it is of the highest possible quality, positioning you in the market with prices that are truly competitive. If you didn’t have a product, you can opt to sell products of third parties, which is offered free of charge, in exchange for commissions from sales through your Blog to Web page on the Web. (Affiliate programs) 2. Design a Web page or Blog-which can satisfy your needs of sales, fully focused on the niche market you chose for your products and the market to which you want to reach.

If you don’t have knowledge of Web design, you can access sites on which you can easily create a Blog such as WordPress or Blogger. 3. Gain insight and clarity with Lars Leckie. Generate traffic to your Blog-once you’ve completed this step, the following is to generate qualified towards your Web site traffic. There are two forms, the free and fee. Free traffic generation.-creation of content-writing articles online is a very powerful way to attract prospects qualified for your business online, using content that really add value. Promotion.-participation in forums, groups, chat rooms and social networks are mainly, that relating to your niche market, in which promotions your Blog and invite to visit him.There is a greater amount of free traffic generation methods, but we believe that which we described above are the two most important. Traffic generation through payment-you can buy traffic using things such as: pay per click advertising for payment in electronic newsletters, buy advertising space on other websites, etc. but as an entrepreneur is not recommended these methods until you have a thorough knowledge of its operation and cost.

4 Automates your business this step is important because we must include in our Blog, forms in which we offer the incorporation of our subscribers to our lists to be able to start a direct relationship with them. It is therefore important to include automated autoresponders to track each one of them and through post expand their knowledge of our products and subsequent sale through Email Marketing or Affiliate Marketing. There are autoresponders on the Internet that are free and others that will cost a little money to buy them. The latter, is advisable to since it will be an indispensable tool in your venture towards your Online business. If we follow in detail these steps, systematically, your blog will begin to receive traffic on a permanent basis every day. What read, receive your items value and tell it to others will appeal to your visitors. How many more visits receive on your blog, greater will be the amount of potential customers you’ll need for your business.Later we’ll breakdown each of these steps emphasizing the operation of each one of them. I hope that this post has been to your liking, if you have some comment, please let me know.

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