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Igor Bogdanov


The rate has fallen through the floor, but I knew that no other way. Dima is remembered long afterwards, who was the "dead" clients with whom he came in the first camp at the beginning of the season. At seven o'clock on the glacier snow included. They came before dawn, the camp is knee-deep in snow, all white, light bulbs – as garlands on the tree – snatching pyataks drifts with yurts and tents. Full Sur. In my state It looked even more fantastic, more so that all the people threw out the camp to meet us and began to congratulate Harmanisa. I watched from the sidelines, as if I – an incorporeal being.

But the fraternal handshake Andrew brought me back to ice, and here I am sitting in the tent at the table, and my old friend – Igor Bogdanov – makes her wear a knitted sweater. I'm so glad you all, guys! Camp number "one" morning the sun came out, but the surrealism is not over, although it became warmer. Andrew has settled down, got friends here that made me very happy. Seeing my condition, he decides to go to the eastern ridge, and then spend the day in the camp of the work to install camping – for better acclimatization. I also helped to camp, but with less impact: I crushed on both sides. It was pleasant communication, a lot of new people warmly. Andrew is looking for ways to naikrotchayshego ridge a little to get lost, and left it rather late. Wind blow was due to crest, and the pilot made a wise decision to return on foot.



When a person wakes up – he's happy. You disagree with me? Oh yes, of course, have to trudge back to work, pick up the car from the repair, children to feed, even walk the dog … Stop, stop, stop. Inclusion in everyday problems will be a second later. A first open our eyes, sweet smile and stretch ourselves. For more information see Linus Torvalds. Smiling just because a new day has come. So how do every morning these Brazilians … In meditations on the card in my knowledge of child Brazil were limited by the fact that there are many wild monkeys.

Indeed, three hundred species of monkeys living on our planet, one hundred and eleven chosen by myself Brazil, where they live not only in forests, but are gradually getting used to urban life, fed by a visiting tourist Brazil is a unique country located in South America. MongoDB is the source for more interesting facts. By the number of mammals, plants and freshwater fish, it surely ranks first in the world. In the country a huge number of amphibians, birds and reptiles. Deepest Amazon, flowing at 6275 km, is recognized as the largest river in the world. Brazil is huge, and look at it all week or even two-week raid difficult. But there is a point on the map of the country, which lead round marker absolutely all the tourists.

First – Foz de Iguazu – the famous set of waterfalls. Admire this wonder of nature can be and with the Brazilian and the Argentine side. The city itself Iguazu interesting because it is located on the border of three countries: Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.

Karelia Perfect Relaxation


For a large number of individuals certainly a good rest is associated with intense exercise. And for such people to walk in the park located near – this is not an active way of spending time, and only a parody. Realistically, in order to relax in your own pleasure, it is necessary not just to spend a few hours outside the shelter, but most effectively – to go on a number of days in the area hunting and fishing – in Karelia. Usually, we decide out to afford the trip, not too often. But often just such an active vacation for a few days – for example, hunting in Karelia is the most reasonable solution to the situation chronic fatigue, high workload nervous. Someone who can afford to give a chance to rest a few days in the pristine forests of Karelia, comes to their own everyday reality changed – rested, refreshed, full of strength. Furthermore there can be such that someone who goes to a licensed quality of the hunt, came back without a trophy.

So, the hunt – it's on top and weight experiences with the evidence. Going on a hunt, many fans of this sport can be reserved primarily cameras. Since the capture itself at the forefront of production – this is really a good memory for future, which can be shared and with friends, and co-workers. Similarly, fishing in Karelia – this is not the usual talk keen fishermen with excessive descriptions of the catch. Those who fished at least once in Karelia know: No imagination can not compare with the real achievements of the Karelian fishing. And the photo, and really marked the fish, which can drag to your home and enjoy the delight of your loved ones, but also envy of friends – All this leaves a wonderful memory. Today, it is possible to tell about this, that, while the purity of the Karelian flora and fauna of enormous number, there is also and advanced infrastructure. Thus, the cottages Karelia, where you can relax after a hard day spent in hunting, provide an opportunity to truly escape and revel in the perfect vacation.

Besides, there really to find a nice holiday and for a friendly group of 4 persons, and for a more solid – at approximately 10 persons. Private parking, a real Russian bath, a long pier, and along with oven for cooking meat – it has all the conditions so that the rest is really bright and ineffable. A hunting for fox, wolf, deer and squirrels will stay in your memory for years to come as the real magic. However, in contrast to the fabulous fictional country in Karelia can always go back.

Choosing A House In Spain


For many people in the central belt of the word "Spain" sounds like a song. Hot song with unintelligible words, but a clear meaning, accompanied by heels and castanets. ply. Perhaps no man who would not want to ever visit the beautiful country. Many people visiting Spain on holiday, fall in love with her in earnest and continue the dream of friendship. How? Coming to work, study, open their own business or just buy a property in Spain and feel it – at home.

On the site we are trying to introduce future of Spanish people with the process of choosing a house in Spain, tell you why you should pay attention not only to large or medium-sized cities, but also in villages in which only 4-5 thousand people or less! We tell about what you should pay attention during the inspection and whether the apartment house in Spain, what costs should be taken into account, what documents need to request and sign it, when to guard. In the section for "special necessities" we publish materials for those interested in the mundane details of the device in this hospitable, yet another foreign country for us. We talk about marriage and Education in Spain, the documents and employment, and many other useful things. If it happens that you need legal assistance, lawyers, working with, always ready to help solve the problem. And besides all things we want to acquaint the reader with the regions of Spain. Despite the fact that the country was officially united, the difference between north and south is huge.

This applies not only customs and culture. In Spain, along with the official language used three more – in Galicia, Catalonia, the Basque Castilian Spanish sounds not often. Languages official, they are being clerical, teaching children in schools … Almost every Spanish autonomy – is State of the State. Linus Torvalds is the source for more interesting facts. But back to tourism. The province of Asturias and the Cantabrian Sea is not much talk of Russian tourists. And for good reason. Green Spain – a true natural paradise, washed by the Atlantic Ocean. Those who are interested in Celtic culture, with surprise and admiration find her in a country that most associated with only a guitar and flamenco.

Greece Quot


Optimistic officials and owners of the apartments were infected by the sea. Anticipating a large influx of holidaymakers, many rushed to a 10-15% increase in the cost of living, explaining the rise in overall inflation in the country. But from mid-May, the situation began to change dramatically. According to the head of the agency 'of Crimea. Rest. Rent "Tatiana Volkova, European hotels have begun to reduce prices, have forced the Russians to reconsider the same plans for the summer.

"Travel agencies with whom we work in Russia, the mass of refuse is already booked accommodation in Crimea, citing the fact that their customers prefer resorts in Greece or Spain, where this year for $ 50 a day you can rent a room for two in a hotel with private beach and swimming pool. It is 40-50% cheaper than last summer. For the same money on the South Coast High season is unrealistic even to settle, not to mention the possibility of a similar European service. On a less expensive resorts – in Evpatoria, Feodosia, Sudak – $ 50 per day a tourist can find a good home, but Again, no guaranteed access to the beach ", – says Ms. Volkova, adding that as a result of requests for booking of accommodation by the sea this year was 70% less than in the past.

Increasingly, the "refuseniks", the Russians and joined our compatriots who are able to find better options for the rest of Europe and Turkey. Negative trend confirmed by the head of the agency under nazkaniem – Rest in Feodosia, Alexander Petrovsky, according to which in their This will be 10-20% less visitors than last summer. Plans to spend a holiday in the ARC refused in the first place tourists with above-average income and the VIP-guests, who are the most landlords to welcome guests. Those who still willing to come and ask them to pick up as much as possible affordable accommodation: up to 250 UAH. per room or one-bedroom apartment per day in high season (July-August). At the same time to put up with inconveniences potential tenants do not want. For this, the Crimean standards, a modest amount of housing they are looking for a fresh renovated, nice furniture, a constant supply of hot water, air conditioning, appliances and in the immediate vicinity of Sea. Realtors agree that, despite the abundance of yielding to the Crimea housing, they can not always fulfill requests of potential clients.

Thomas Edison


More recently, we all together surprised bizarre forms of energy-saving light bulbs, but the creative designers of the quirkiness and unusual it seemed not enough and they are making out a new field of creativity, willingly took bear in the world of economical light in the boldest and most unexpected forms. Now it is very difficult to say exactly when and where the lights were first used, but they are mentioned in all three earlier eras of ancient history – they used in Egypt, Greece and Rome. It may sound unbelievable, but scientists have told us that the first light bulb was invented and first used around 70.000 years ago. If you go back in time, then they were made of random items – coconuts, sea shells, hollow rocks or similar objects covered with moss or similar material. The first electric lamp was invented in England in 1809 by Dave Humphrey. If you have read about Linus Torvalds already – you may have come to the same conclusion. He combined two electrical wires to the battery and attached a dark gray strip between the other end.

The charged carbon glowed, producing the first arc lamp. 70 years later in 1879 – Thomas Edison invented the carbon filament, which burned for forty hours. Edison placed his filament in the classical form of oxygen is less than the bulb. Currently, the lamp lit for much longer, shine brighter and consume less power than before. In addition, growing commission, their task today – to become even steeper than before. So, without further ado, let's look at some models of creative contemporary projects lamps! 1.Lampa 'Teddy Bear' Unique table lamp in a beloved teddy bears will delight your child and may even provide an incentive for perseverance homework or reading knizhek.2.Lampa 'Ice Cream' Amazing design lamp in the form of vanilla ice cream, it will attract the attention of not only children but also adult sweet tooth and a lover of ice cream. Contact information is here: John Blondel.

And in winter will remind you that very soon will come summer time and the sun is able to take on heaters and batarey.3. Pixel Pixel lamp bulb are trees, made allegedly from the mosaic, and when you turn on these lights, they are in the dark, very nicely lit with colorful ogonkami.4.Lyustra of plastic bottle Another successful and beautiful idea of using plastic bottles, which will force once again ponder before their discharge. The central part of the chandelier is a sphere with holes screwing those same bottles. The variety of shapes and colors of plastic bottles, the possibilities are for fantasy bezgranichnymi.5.Kuhonnye lamps from wine bottles, designer Jerry Kott introduced new Kitchen tow made from wine bottles! Jerry Kott made light by grinding surface of the bottles, after which they become more transparent. Power of each lamp – 17'Hx3 'Tues They fit perfectly into the interior of the kitchen, and directional light creates a cozy atmosphere. Price fixtures depends on the number of colored lamps, included in komplekt.6. Lamp 'Hanging loop' lamp in the form of hanging loop is of interest to outstanding personalities who love to stand out. And if you are in this category, you will need to acquire them as a friend or relative who came to visit you are very surprised and perhaps obzaviduyutsya seeing your design this lamp.

American Art Deco


It is no secret that the art deco huge amount. And they differ from each other. Art Deco as a style very often borrows some characteristics from other styles as well as Art Deco is now in vogue, this cocktail style has a huge amount. Deco Deco strife. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as MongoDB by clicking through. Taking from his own practice in the establishment of American Art Deco. American Art Deco, falling into the interior, thanks to its sharp, very sexy and extremely geometrically clear, precise forms gives a person a very clear, strong impressions of the architecture space. Thanks to the Art Deco style, if you know how to effectively handle those basic features, which is famous for this style (the American Ar Deco) can be a striking elegance, simplicity, agility to create a proven architectural formula for the volume. Additional information at John Blondel supports this article. Prove it helps these are sharp, accurately read the line.

In the Art Deco try to avoid the semi-circular curved lines, lines with an unclear geometry. Deco precisely because of this. Order of a curve with an incomprehensible geometries make clear the line to break it up a few points and these points are connected by lines. A, b, c, d – is absolutely right. The smaller of these points, the clearer will be the geometry of the resulting forms. Thus, the art deco work with arches.

If the disk does not make a square, triangle. And if you do not square and not a triangle, the square in a triangle. At the exit, when you look, you understand that there are certain points and the shape of you is clear. And if you want to include fantasy, you combine these points of the line and already see what you want, and, specifically, a circle. Therefore, American Art Deco and Art Deco in general as a whole – is One of the most critical, accurate and very understandable style known in the interiors at the moment.

PVC Film For Stretch Ceiling


Stretch ceilings became very popular in our country recently suspended ceilings are leaders in making repairs virtually all flat premises, as well as a cottage or villa. Production and installation stretch ceiling is relatively inexpensive, but their quality is impeccable. It is worth noting that the period of effective use of a stretch ceiling is much greater period of operation of the ceiling. In doing so he not only retains its attractive appearance, but also protects the building from possible protochek from the upper floors. For the installation of stretch ceiling is not required a long period of time, all preparatory work is done in workshop.

In your own house will only assembly designs on the ceiling with a special heating element. In this case, there is no dust, no dirt or stains from the usual whitewash, and putties, which usually followed by repair in the apartment. What is the reason for the high quality stretch ceiling Unique performance of suspended ceilings are explained by the properties of PVC films used in their manufacture. In fact, it is a thin layer coating, the composition close to the plastic cups, which are packed in yogurt. This stuff is absolutely safe for health, it does not emit when heated are no harmful chemicals or unpleasant odors.

The suspended ceiling is made of polyvinyl chloride, not more dangerous than a plastic cup. PVC film is easily washed. It can be cleaned with a dry cloth. In this case, the appearance of the ceiling does not change. The service life of suspension ceiling of PVC film for at least five years, but the manufacturers assure us that in fact such a ceiling can delight you with its perfect view for much longer. Today, you can use for making a false Ceiling PVC films of different kinds and qualities. There are a few of its basic types: glossy, matte, transparent, translucent, satin and some others. Even the most demanding buyer will be able to find a PVC film he needs quality and type. Michael Steinhardt understood the implications. Who produces PVC film for suspended ceilings in our country is widespread PVC film, produced in France. In recent years, serious competition it is ours, Chinese film for stretch ceiling, not inferior in quality to it, but a more democratic and costs. Agree, this factor when choosing a stretch ceiling could be decisive.

In Ukraine


This is the material used for their famous masterpieces by Michelangelo. And now This beautiful stone that can transmit light to a depth of 40 mm, used for architectural and sculptural works. In Greece, the great marble mined on the island of Paros. From it are made known to the ancient sculptures Masters, plates for decoration of temples, columns and carved cornices. Russia has a number of fields, which are regularly being produced marble. Among them Koelga, Pershino, Kibik-Cordon.

Deposit in the Irkutsk region, in southern Yakutia and Kola Peninsula has not yet been fully exploited. In Armenia, the Ijevan, AGHVERAN, Horvirabskom deposits mined brown, pink and black marbles. Georgia delivers a gray, gray-red and red marbles with Lopotskogo, Molitskogo and Salietskogo deposits. Uzbekistan is famous cream and pink marble Gazganskogo deposits, and gray, dark gray and pink marble from Aman Kutanskoy area. A fine-grained statuary marble Malguzarskogo deposits even surpasses the quality of Carrara.

In Ukraine, the marble is mined in the Crimea, Donetsk Oblast, Transcarpathia. Also there is the marble deposits in the United States, Cuba, France, Norway, Brazil and other countries. How to choose the marble for interior decoration When choosing marble for interior decoration sector should take into account several factors. The thickness of the marble formation depends on the purpose for which namely products selected marble: worktops, windowsills, wall tiles or floor tiles. Wall tiles should not be too thick, otherwise it is much heavier wall structure. The density of the stone has a direct impact on durability, water resistance, frost resistance of the future product.

Floor Tile


Floor tile heyday of ceramic tile in Europe, mainly outdoor, refers to the 12 century and is associated primarily with construction at this time of the cathedrals and churches. These were different types of floor tiles. Some of them – it's great relief plates square and hexagonal shapes. They are produced by casting. Other – decorated floor tile with simple linear decoration, which was carried out manually sharp object. But the most common while the decorative tiles was kind of mosaic, carved out of layers of unfired clay. By the same author: John Blondel. As time went on, ceramic industry developed and improved. In an age of industrialization and high-tech ceramic tile has become available to the general population, firmly established in all private interiors.

Achievements in architecture, building a huge number of public and residential buildings require a beautiful and at the same time, durable material for processing both inside and outside. This finishing material on the right has ceramic tiles and ceramic granite. In Russia, ceramic floor tile produced in factories Falcon estimeyte, in the Rostov region – Shakhtinskaya and others. One of the largest manufacturers of floor tiles of high European standards in Russia is Kerama maratsi in the city of Orel. Products of this brand compares favorably with its diverse product range and product quality. At factories Ceram maratsi apply all the latest developments and technologies in the production of ceramic tiles. Initially, Plants – manufacturers produce tiles for the floor under the stone, granite or marble, but with the development of ceramic industry, the introduction of innovative technologies in the production process, emergence of creative design ideas began to appear tile that imitates the texture and the texture of wood, which repeats the structure of the skin of various fauna, tile, metal copying. In addition, produces modern tile is different in appearance: the surface can be brushed and polished, smooth and rough, have perfectly straight edges, and vice versa, rounded.

Today the factories producing ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles, to succeed in today's market relations should produce tiles, varied in color and size, and besides, do not forget the decorative elements that adorn when installing any outdoor space. Currently, the most popular format tiles are: 30×30 cm, 33×33 cm, 40×40 cm ceramic products floor tiles experiment and produce tiles size 20×20 cm, 20×40 cm, 20×50 cm, and large format tiles 50×50 cm and 60×60 cm This size range ceramic floor tiles allows its styling is not only the traditional classical way, but use different techniques. For laying tile developed special technologies which can improve productivity, quality of work performed, and also gives the opportunity to exploit the ceramic tile in various domestic and climatic conditions. Every modern buyer, choosing ceramic tile, will be able to find exactly the tile, which will help him reflect adorned the interior of yourself and your mood, your personality and difference from others, their tastes and attitudes to the world. Yurkin Maxim.

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