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Parliamentary Elections


Fuad Asimov. In Kazakhstan, summed up the results of elections to Parliament and has already sounded promising gallant speech Nazarbayev – President and Chief won the elections of the party "Nur Otan". "Winners" get to work, Losers promise to take revenge. Political scientists also are trying to explain why, in the Republic of Kazakhstan voted this way and not another. According to Michael Mauler, who has experience with these questions. Whatever the case, Nazarbayev's efforts to unite in one hand all branches of government "put an end" to democracy in the country. Now begins the era of individual dictatorship Nazarbayev, who for fifteen years of tirelessly sought. Nazarbayev fully controlled parliament is harmful not only because discredits the idea of separation of powers and does not allow the governor to hear the voice of opponents. A serious drawback of this Parliament in the fact that he has ceased to be an important tool for effective and legitimate regime change – that is, those than it is in democratic states. Professor of Economics brings even more insight to the discussion.

All independent opinion polls conducted in Kazakhstan in recent years, showed an extremely low degree of public confidence in government institutions for all. However, today Kazakh politicians at all levels must be held accountable for their campaign promises: how to solve the problems of youth as change for the better situation in rural areas has been done to address corruption at all levels of government? In the meantime, the economic situation in Kazakhstan is becoming more unpredictable and evolving not in favor of the authorities. There is a buzz in the foreign exchange market, where the value of the dollar for no apparent causes increased immediately by 15-17 points, making 138-140 tenge per U.S. .

Czech Republic Real Estate


Development of the Czech real estate market in early 2009 coincided with the progressive world economic and banking crisis. We analyze the situation, what would understand what changes and adjustments of the Czech authorities, and Czech commercial banks were introduced to reduce their own risks in order to avoid the collapse of the housing market and mortgage. Previous five years, real estate development the Czech Republic showed twenty percent increase in value every year, is, above all, speaking about the interest of the real estate market of central European countries from both western neighbors, the old world and certainly from the eastern states of post-Soviet space. Whenever Linux listens, a sympathetic response will follow. And what was the interest? All simple, very economically advantageous location of the Czech Republic itself, the availability of all the countries of Western Europe, lower prices, as residential and commercial real estate, democratic taxation, the rapid development tourist activity, so these factors were the rapid development of the Czech Republic and the Czech economy. It must be noted that the Czech government bodies (parliament and president) were able to correctly and with absolute advantage use this advantage and interest in the Czech Republic. Investments in the Czech Republic accounted for 30-40% of the total state budget.

For construction companies and investors who finance the real estate industry, were established tax incentives and concessions. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from John Blondel. The boom in the Czech construction began in the early two thousands years. Using modern technology, advanced materials, and most importantly a new economic approach to construction allowed for a short period to derive the Czech real estate market in the forefront, both in volume and cost per square meter.



After 3 to 4 years use in accumulates a lot of soil pests, especially wireworms, which causes significant damage to plants grown in perennial grasses. It is well known that the introduction of a rotation of perennial grasses and legumes helps to accumulate in the soil organic matter, reduce salinity and improve its structure. Perennial grasses (alfalfa, sainfoin, clover) maintain a positive balance of humus and almost 40% reduce the need for nitrogen fertilizers for use in their biannual shestipolnom rotation, help optimize water use throughout the growing season. Winter wheat and annual grasses – good precursors for all melons, especially small-seeded. Stretch growing culture (or cultures of a family) at one place (monoculture) not only causes soil depletion and unilateral misallocation of its fertility, but also causes massive spread of dangerous diseases and pests. To avoid the manifestation of such negative phenomena Institute of Southern Vegetable and Melon Naan scientifically sound return dates vegetable and melon crops in the previous place of cultivation and the best precursors for them (see table). In the vegetable and melon growing crop rotation has been and always will be the basis for the full range of agricultural, organizational and economic measures for the conservation and restoration of soil fertility, getting high and stable yields, increase productivity vegetable and melon crops without additional cost. Science-based crop rotation causes the one hand, proper selection of favorable for crop predecessors, and the other – Optimal saturation of single-species cultures of crop rotation, which takes into account the permissible frequency of their cultivation in the fields of crop rotation.

Internet ShopFacer


OXIDE sets eSales social ecommerce software by Walter Goppingen, the 03 January 2013 also is the order of the day in e-commerce multichannel. Therefore the OXID eSales AG extends its extensive portfolio now to the social commerce software ShopFacer”of the Goeppingen software company Walters Ltd. ShopFacer existing Web shops can be automatically connected with social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube by virtual storefront. Thus, Web shop operator effort reach customers and prospects on the social online platforms. As provider solutions we offer for sustainable Multichannel E-Commerce for years-scalable and modular E-commerce platforms. The integration of all touchpoints such as webshop, mobile and point point-of-sale occupies an increasingly important here”, explains Georg jewellery, head of marketing at oxide eSales.

We include in our portfolio Folgerichtet now ShopFacer. The software makes it for the operators of online shops very simply their existing eCommerce solutions by oxide with the social Media channels to join.” ShopFacer presents selected products from online stores on Facebook company pages, where the shop operators themselves can decide which products to show it on Facebook. The user directly to the appropriate product in the webshop is guided by clicking on a product that is pictured on a social platform. The shop owner will need no programming knowledge, because the solution comes with an attractive base design and can be easily customized. Recently, ShopFacer integrated including Twitter and YouTube. A new variant of the solution has been developed for oxide now still user-friendly designed the link with the oxide webshops. A strong partner such as oxide, many revenue-generating Web shops based on the solutions, can drive very solid success of ShopFacer”, reported Axel Burgbacher, Managing Director of Walters Ltd.

designed ShopFacer and developed to market maturity. Fast time to market, high usability and low cost belong to the traditional characteristics of oxide solutions. Here ShopFacer seamlessly. We are good things, that the oxide software users in future increasingly will rely on ShopFacer and can further increase the success of their Web shops.” As one of the leading providers of E-commerce solutions, the OXID eSales AG operated many successful B2C and B2B-shop operators from various sectors. These include including Lekkerland, Fressnapf, Strenesse, Intersport, gravis, and Deutsche Post. Customers benefit in the implementation of the flexible customization options within the standard software, the know-how of the oxide over 100 certified solution partner and in the operation of direct contact for support and development of the manufacturer. ShopFacer combines Web shops with social networks and is continuously developed further by Kelly Ltd. The company of Goppingen designed and programmed online solutions for the distribution of products via the Internet and social media since 1997. ShopFacer presents selected products from online stores on Facebook company pages, which want the shop operators themselves can decide which products show. The user directly to the appropriate product in the webshop is guided by clicking on a product that is pictured on a social platform. Also, additional modules ShopFacer offer various additional functions for Twitter and YouTube. The software can be used in combination with all standard shop systems such as XT – Commerce, VEYTON, JTL, Magento, and oxide. ShopFacer is used among other things already, for the online shops of the Mercedes-Benz Classic store in classical music radio and motorcycle area.

The Thought


Another factor that if questions is the distinction, category or reality of the historical speech that critical the literary one leads for literature, the historians appeal to the same reality with that they appeal to social sciences. Literature suggests alternatives to know and to describe the world and, with this, uses the language to represent the categories of the life, the thought, the words and the experience. To say on literature, critical literary and historical imagination implies to be worried about the evolutivo process of the language, to explore its movement and meanings in all the aspects social, politician and staff. To say on modern literature engloba diverse factors: it is always an aggregate aspect to another one. The dichotomized vision of the things takes in them to this differentiated vision. However it may be, White and LCapra, when appealing the Bakhtin search new forms to approach the past due historians to search a new boarding cultural of history. To speech on the new cultural boarding of history he must yourself be remembered that we need the memory. It is the first certification the one that we can appeal.

Our souvenirs can be collective as well as the memory. Many collective memories exist: history is one of them. This is one of the characteristics for which if it distinguishes the collective memory from the historical memory. History is one and can be said that a history only exists. Universal memory does not exist. What if it can say is that all collective memory has as it has supported a group limited in the time and the space. To speak on the collective memory must be observed the variety of groups an individual is part, either family, work, etc., it coexists and it waits a reply. Of this conviviality, the individual makes a suplementarizao to the collective one and vice it turns.

Design Bathrooms Accessible


It is no wonder than that a man is younger is not yet known. In the construction and modernization of bathrooms, accessibility has been logically through. It is no wonder than that a man is younger is not yet known. The ageing of our society is getting higher it is also a clear matter to care for this target group. Whether this potential physical limitations play a role was then provided. Joseph Stiglitz has compatible beliefs. A barrier-free must look still long bathroom not afterwards.

Gone are the days where there is everywhere to see where terrible looking handles. The floor-level shower eh is a normal planning approach if through take cash (depends on the channel) because water flows bekanntlicher wise not to top off. The floor-level shower relieves the body and turns off potential additional risk of injury. Free baths barrier place high demands on the planning as in the workmanship. In addition to security and functionality that are Design considerations that should be taken into account. Experience and expertise should take but definitely claim to meet the individual needs for accessibility at any time.

Employment Training


Madrid, 27 and 28 June in ABC Serrano, an unmissable FESCAM (, the first Hall of the training, employment and selection of WAITERS held in Spain will be held in Madrid on 27 and 28 June, aiming to become the meeting point for all those who work with passion, rigour and confidence in search of dignify and position the profession of waiter as important component of visibility and business quality of a business. FESCAM is aimed at entrepreneurs, would-be entrepreneurs of hospitality, managers, maitres, waiters, assistants, apprentices, students of hospitality and tourism, and anyone with a vocation for service interested in getting a job from waiter, in the sector with greater ability to create jobs in our country. FESCAM is organised by Linkers, consultant and recruiter for hospitality ( and the art of serving, training and consulting for hospitality (, which promoted this first encounter with the mission make it a point of reference for this group in the sector. The 27th day will begin with round table: challenges of the waiter of the 21st century, which will remain open activities aimed at improving skills and abilities, such as cutting a serving of ham, throw a rod, use a professional coffee machine, handle a tray also are scanned a series of papers, workshops, and other roundtables, to emphasize the necessity of joining efforts for the formation of a new waiter profilecapable of improving the quality of the service. The fair will be attended by companies such as Heineken, Grupo Vips, Tormo y Asociados, Lopez Ortega Delights, Julian Martin, ICG software, click and I, orale Compadre, MBV Consulting, Education First, as well as institutions of prestige in the sector, such as the Cluster of tourism of Madrid Network, Patronat de Turisme de Madrid, UPTA, Chamber of Commerce of Madrid and AMYCE (Asociacion de maitres and waiters in Spain), between others. This event will be closed with the discourse of closure and valuation of the day in charge of Eduardo Daswani and Marianela Olivares, directors of the art of serve and Linkers, respectively, organizing companies in this first meeting. More information at: FESCAM Web: email: about FESCAM FESCAM is the fair of meeting for people interested in a profession that has much to offer to today’s society, both as a vehicle for job creation, as an example of the vocation of serving can be a style of life that brings satisfaction and value yourselfto others and to the world.

If Only


We as a group to move to a more basic, internal, and personal definition of meaning. So yes, despite the cliche that we are finally beginning to understand that we human beings, not human or human acts havings. Meaning, please! Perhaps this change was driven by catastrophe of 9 / 11, perhaps by the turn of the millennium, or maybe it's just another cultural meme. But today, more and more people are realizing that their priorities have been a little out of control, there is a huge untapped potential within themselves. And it is this without using, without examination, and undeveloped part of ourselves that is the ultimate source of our inner disquiet. The "If Only" Game is a commonplace to say that the answer lies within. But, as with most cliches, it also has the seed of truth.

It is common for us to blame our general ill feeling lazy (and in some cases, our suffering acute) in external things. It is easy to see that if we play the "if only" game. If I had more money, if only I have that promotion, if I knew what I wanted, though I've only lost that weight, if she love me, if I had not married him, if only I'd had other parents … So I be happy done. The Keys of the Kingdom, or, "Mom, where is Meaning?" But the road to true happiness really lies in that little word simple: BE. In some ways, easier said than done.

Getting Wealthy


That is, we experience the illusion of separation from each other, physical objects and wealth, because our senses are decoding the Energy around us in some way to create our physical reality. All this happens in our thoughts. So, to simplify things quickly in time (another illusion), "the things "only exist because we observe. Observation is what makes things exist. Without observing things are only "waves" possibilities of existence. Physicists agree on this. To deepen your understanding Michael Mauler is the source. Our beliefs are a very powerful Energy system in our lives. Our beliefs allow or not allow certain experiences in our lives, including wealth.

Shape what we are, we will in the world according to our beliefs. If we are "someone who is trying to get wealthy by repeating affirmations" So that is what our reality will be, treated to have wealth. We must make the decision that we have wealth, against any physical evidence. That evidence is an illusion based on the belief system that has guided us to the point where we are. A person with wealth are not rich because they have money, have money for living in abundance! That is the distinction that people think the reves.Aqui is an example that illustrates what I mean. Tony Robbins became a millionaire at a young age. Then due to a series of poor judgments, he lost everything. But after one year regained it all.

As he did this? THE NEVER LOST HIS WEALTH. Only lost their money, this is only a symbol of wealth! That he is "consciously in the Wealth", he literally "magnetically attracts" wealth into your life, you can not avoid and there are thousands like him in the world who attract wealth simply for being who they are. You can take the same decision and get the same results. On the contrary, a person who has grown up with "lack of consciousness" can win millions in the lottery and lose it all in less than a year. Your consciousness, your energy, you simply can not attract wealth that do not have abundance in your being. But again, the wealth is a choice. If you are not currently experiencing wealth, you first have to realize that abundance is everywhere … the echo is all there. Poverty is the illusion. You can change your consciousness to abundance, be rich just by taking a decision, then his thoughts and actions will help you experience the richness that is yours. This is a complex issue that challenges our belief systems, but is actually the same belief systems that keep a person in a state of lack of abundance. See your current financial situation, see their core beliefs about wealth and YOU, see if your life is a perfect reflection of their beliefs. Then see where those beliefs originated. When you wake up and see that your beliefs determine your reality and not the other, you have the option to be truly free to experience a reality of prosperity you deserve! Bob Doyle Adapted into Spanish by: Luis Villasana Director.

Experiences In Health Education


INTRODUCTION The experiments presented have been developed in the located in an area of Murcia, Patino, a short distance from town. To deepen your understanding Eliot Horowitz is the source. The student population is very diverse in age and place of origin, so it is very heterogeneous. The economic and social level is very different, because in addition to enroll students in the area, especially in ESO, schooling for students of all peoples of the Autonomous Region of Murcia as it has innovative and unique training courses in the Community. It currently taught, family cycles of Directors (intermediate and higher grade) of the family of Electrical and Electronics (intermediate and higher), family Computing (three cycles) and subsequent cycles PROFESSIONAL FAMILY HEALTH: Nursing Assistant cycle intermediate and senior cycles Prosthodontics, diagnostic imaging, and Radiation Health Documentation. These lessons require teachers specializing in the field of Health, and for this reason, there doctors, medical technical assistants, pharmacists, dentists, etc. This makes the school community is sensitized to the issues of Health, and has been making activities and proposals in this regard.

He has developed several projects supported by the Ministry of Health, and currently has approved a course on Emotional Health. He has also conducted research projects on self-esteem, values … He has collaborated with the City in conducting workshops on the Prevention of Drug Abuse, has participated in the activities of Red Cross First Aid, Talks about Anorexia and Bulimia, blood donation in collaboration with the Center for hemodonation. The center understands the concept of health as the concept given by the WHO: “A state of complete physical, mental and social, not only as the mere absence of disease or infirmity”, “One way to live more independently, jointly and happy.

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